Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jewish Canadians, Who Knew?

I came across an interesting article on Ben Rubin, a "Orthodox" Jew who plays junior in the QMJL, and his team refused to let him miss games each week on Shabbos. They are letting him off for the High Holy Days, which is good because they give the goyim (heathens) off on Christmas. But they refused to let him miss games every Friday and Saturday. Last season his old team (Patrick Roy's Quebec Remparts) allowed him to and he played just 29 games.

Now the thing is that he actually agreed to the team's terms to keep playing on Fridays and Saturdays. While I can appreciate his dedication to the sport, I highly disagree with the move. If he picks hockey over his faith, he should come out and say he is not orthodox anymore. That simple. What's the quote? 'To thine own self be true'?? I hated being force-fed Shakespeare but I remember that ...

Oh, random side note, when stealing the Israeli national team logo above, I saw on their home page that they have a shop section where you can buy jerseys and the like called Merchandising and I can't stop laughing.

Happy and Healthy New Year to my Jewish readers, and happy hockey season to all ...


Anonymous said...

Jewish hockey players? We'e known for ages. Where you been, Scotty? Even Matisyahu plays hockey! There's been ice hockey in Israel for the past 21 years.
If you need haymish hockey, then bring your equipment and join us Thursday evenings at the olympic rink in Metulla, following by Maariv outside with a stunning view of the Kinneret (and maaariv followed by a shawarma-fest in Kiryat Shemona on the way home). Look for the IRHA link on the Israeli hockey webste.

Anonymous said...

Just to update
Benjamin Rubin was cut/traded from his Major Junior Level Hockey team and is now playing down a level
Seems no longer keeping Shabbat isn't working out as well as he hoped
What I don't get is if he believes in God and God wants him to keep Shabbat, then clearly not keeping Shabbat is not going to work out for him
If he doesn't believe in God--then drop Shabbat and stop saying you are an orthodox Jew