Friday, September 21, 2007

Money, Money, Monayyyyyyyy

So, for those that haven't heard, the Canadian dollar has drawn even with the American dollar.

What that means, or what that should mean, is that Canadian franchises are on equal financial ground in attracting free agents and paying operating costs. Should the 'loonie' (stupid name for a bird, much less a dollar) stay on par with the greenback, then the NHL should have no excuses when it comes to teams that want to move to Canada - I'm looking at you Nashville, Florida and (even better) Phoenix. Toronto should get a second team, either in town or in nearby Hamilton. And let's face it, Quebec and Winnipeg should return into the fold. This is the country that truly loves the game - look above: they put hockey on their money!

With the dollar being even, Bettman and the board of governors can't possibly find Kansas City or Vegas to be more attractive locals. Now, they have proven that they leave logic at the door but since they always put their wallets first, this business news should open their mind to bring back the Jets!


Anonymous said...

the bird is called a loon the stupid coin is the only called a loonie......and it's worth more than your dollar now.

I.Rules.Me said...

Actually the Canadian and American dollars are both worth nothing, so they are of equal value.