Friday, September 7, 2007

Sorry Folks ...

Anyone looking for tickets for the Rangers game on January 24th at MSG are sh-t outta luck. The Blueshirts are playing the Atlanta Thrashers that night and if that wasn't enough to pack the house, they decided to retire No. 2 to the rafters. That's right, Brian Leetch will join Eddie Giocomin, Rod Gilbert, Mark Messier and Mike Richter as the only Rangers to have their numbers retired. Unlike Montreal, who have retired a dozen numbers and are adding two more, it is an actual rare honour in New York.

According to the Daily News:
Overwhelmed by ticket requests for their entire season, the Rangers have only about 350 seats available for any given game. And for Leetch Night, they must set aside every seat not assigned to a season-ticket holder for family members and guests, leaving none available when individual game tickets go on sale Sept. 15.

Now I am sure this disappoints a whole lot of people, but thankfully I am not one, as I am a season ticket holder. Nyeh nyeh, nyeh nyeh nyeh!!

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