Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4-6-1: Rangers Beat Bolts 3-1

Well that was refreshing. Even though it was Monday, even though the Garden was far from capacity, even though there was almost no physical play, that game was refreshing, The Rangers played some solid hockey, found the back of the net, and won. My Puerto Rican friend brought the luck of the Irish and we actually won. How can you not enjoy that? Onto the observations:

*Dude, I can't tell the difference between boooooo and Druuuuu for Chris Drury. Usually I can tell and get into these things (PRUUUUUUUU or BOOOOOOOO Malik) but for some reason Druuuu just didn't click for me. Maybe its because I have been ready to booing the Little Leaguer of late because he hasn't done too much, maybe its because I am a putz, I don't know. But I coulda sworn they booed him even though he got an assist tonight (actually two).

*HO-ssa!!!!!! Suh-uh-cks! What a waste of a jersey. If they weren't so desperate for warm bodies on the penalty kill I would hope that he would be tossed in the East River. He has no hockey sense at all and blows chance after chance. Unless he does something to show he has the skill he showed during those five-six games at the end of last season before he got hurt, I say we throw him off the plank.

*Vinny Lecavalier is a whiney bitch. Now I can see why they took the C away from him. The lack of responsibility has allowed him to become a better player though ... I think we should try that with a certain Czech fellow.

*Speaking of such, Jagr wasn't nearly as horrid as he has been lately. Granted, he still looked a bit disinterested, but he must have gotten a boost of confidence from his Toronto goal and shot a bit more. Definitely nice to see, even though he blew a beautiful breakaway.

*For 55 bucks they will iron on cloth letters onto your jersey while you wait. I brought in my old black Rangers jersey and got SCOTTY HOCKEY put on, with #26. That is my hockey number whenever I am given a choice; it is always the number of a good team guy, from Joey Kocur on the Rangers in the 90s to Jere Lehtinen on Dallas and Erik Cole on Carolina now. So if you see an idiot wearing a black Scotty Hockey jersey, that is yours truly. Say hi; buy me a beer.

*Speaking of the team store, they inexplicably do not carry the pink Rangers Hockey Fights Cancer hats. That sucks and is a big mistake.

*Back to the game itself: I have no reason to get on Marek Malik right now. Ever since he was benched he has played a pretty solid game. He is still a big sissy, but the guy has been responsible and definitely less stupid. I am still waiting for the day they sit Rozy.

*The kids are still alright. For everyone who wanted us to sign Sheldon Souray or Mike Peca, time to shut up. Nigel Dawes, Toots, Girardi, Staal, Dubi, Pru ... all of them deserve recognition for jobs well done. They have been fun to watch and will only get better. I can't wait until Cally and the biggest kid of all, Avery, get back on the ice.

*Danny Boyle returned for the Bolts after that horrid skate accident and I am thankful to say I barely noticed him out there. When he is noticeable he commands the game from their blueline, He is also a free agent after this season and someone to watch for, as there will be a spot or two open on our defense come next season (bye bye Mara, you overpaid sieve).

*I know I don't really have to say it again, but Hank has been great this season. All hail ...

*The Rangers coaches desperately have to devote practice time to showing Hollweg and Bettsy how to score. They both have incredible work ethic and really good wheels that get them chances but damned if they can't see any other part of the net aside from the logo on the goaltender's jersey.

*The 30 Games in 30 Days guy was in the Garden. I had emailed him before the game that if he wanted a beer to give me a call. He didn't call, so I didn't talk to him. Its probably better that way because I would try to kick his ass and take all of his plane tickets and spend the next month going from arena to arena. So cool; so not fair.

*I have to say that I can't wait for the injury bug to go away so they can take Jason Strudwick out of the lineup. Yes he is a great role model, yes he is the ultimate team guy, no he can't play a lick. Just make him a player/coach already so he can contribute from behind the bench, not on it. That way he will be able to step in and play the next time we are decimated by injury and won't need to fight to find him a role to keep him involved.

*Call it a hunch, but I think Avery will work great with Gomez. We'll see ...

*And before I get to the three stars I just want to ask for someone to call Nicky Fotiu up and get him to the Garden. I love how the players who get honoured as stars grab pucks and give them to fans but come on! Both Hank and Jagr handed theirs to kids hanging over the railing and Shanny tossed his a few rows up. The yuppies who get the low seats by the hallway aren't the only ones who should be able to get a puck. Nicky should give them lessons on how to throw to the upper levels... but without futher ado:
PHW Three Stars:

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Marc Staal - Another quiet, solid performance.
2-Hank - He still should never leave the crease but the man can stop the puck.
1-Shanny - He made some powerful statements in the press and I think he backed them up with a strong performance.

And I and considering making steps towards serious journalism and attempt to get an interview or two with some players or alum. What do you think? Lemme know in the comments ... Let's Go Rangers!


Anonymous said...


In fairness to Hossa, he was praised (repeatedly) last night by the Rangers broadcast team for his fine defensive play. I totally agree that his offense isn't up to snub, but he's been doing some intagible things that make him a (gulp) asset.

Strong performance last night by Tyutin...what a lick he laid on that poor TB dude. Guy took 6 stitches in his lip.

Speaking of Avery, any word on how close he is to returning? I know that you said last week that he had begun skating w/ the team, but what's his projected 1st game back?

Great stuff as always.


Scotty Hockey said...

Hey, Jed was great defensively and we let him go ...

As for Sean, Sam over at Rangers Report is saying that he is doing contact drills and should be back within the next three games ...