Saturday, October 27, 2007

Broad Street Boneheads

You would think that after Steve Downie and Jesse Boulerice the Philly Flyers would be more cautious where it comes to dirty play. But, of course, that isn't the case.

Against the Bruins just now they had two early, pointless fights (you suck Eager) and then Randy Jones boarded Patrice Bergeron. The young Bruins star was going after the puck in the corner, looked over his shoulder and saw Jones before chasing the puck right to the boards. Jones finished his check and Bergeron, who was already bent over, went head-first into the top of the boards/lower glass. Bergeron went down like a ton of bricks and looked like he may have broken his neck. The first update said that he lost consciousness on the ice, which is why he didn't move. The diagnoses from the hospital has him with just a broken nose and a concussion. Finally here is the video:

Now here comes my commentary, and not everyone will agree: The check was the definition of boarding, but the play was Bergeron's fault. He saw Jones coming, and still went right into the boards, away from the Philly defender. Should Jones have pulled up rather than finished his check? Absolutely. That is utterly without question. But Bergeron intentionally left his back to the Flyer and put himself in a very vulnerable position.

This is a horrible trend in the NHL where guys are turning towards the boards, either thinking that they won't get hit or if they will, they will at least draw a penalty on the other team. It is stupid and dangerous. And this time it resulted in a horrible-looking and what may be career-threatening injury.

It is unacceptable and the league must do something. Maybe by calling diving when the guys do that or even by getting rid of the instigator, I don't know. I do know that that kind of play was awful to watch.


Anonymous said...

your an idiot. the broad street boneheads? if you knew anything about the sport you would understand that jones is not a dirty player. the first 2 hits...worthy of a suspension. not jones. if bergeron was as good as you bostonians think he is...he wouldnt turn as he goes into the corner. of course he got hit...its hockey. deal with it

Anonymous said...

your a retard whoever wrote that comment it was a dirty hit and bergeron is nasty if you watch hockey everyone goes into the boards like that its called putting the body on him when there backs turned he purposly hit him from behind