Wednesday, October 3, 2007

One ... More ... Day ...

Just one day until the Rangers open their season at home against the Florida Panthers. I, for one, can't freakin' wait!!!!!!!!

Sorry about no updates yesterday, I was quite busy at work.

So now that I am done with the excuses, some notes:

*Steve Downie was banned by the AHL for a month, who are being all tough upholding the NHL's suspension (but shorter). Funnily enough, he can come back to play in the AHL three days before Mark Bell, who was cleared by doctors to play. So a drunk driving substance abuser can come back to the NHL months faster than a kid who made a helluva hit that incidentally/accidentally injured someone ...

*A slew of new captains have been named this season. The Philadelphia Flyers listened to me and named Jason Smith captain. Ethan Moreau took will be Edmonton's new captain, which is great because he is a heart guy who battles every shift and will do anything for the team. The Thrashers, who so nicely rolled over for the Rangers in the playoffs last season, gave the C to Bobby Holik, which may not be a bad move, but only if he returns to form as a top shutdown center. That idiot goon Chris Pronger will lead the Ducks since Scotty Niedermayer hasn't decided about retiring, still. The Blackhawks, Blues, Bolts and Devils still have yet to name one.

*The Boston Bruins signed Glen Metropolit, who had 14 goals and 19 assists in 77 games with two teams last season. He probably won't do much for the B's but I care because he is the lone Long Island Jawz player to make the NHL.

*Tonight there are four season openers. Two games will be on Versus, if you actually have it (the first two I mention):

Anaheim vs Detroit - Todd Bertuzzi returns to Detroit! Who cares, he only guested there last season. Matt Schneider is hurt. The Ducks already played two games so they should be in better form earlier, if a bit jetlagged.

Dallas vs Colorado - Best defensive corps in the league vs. a reloaded Colorado offense. Joe Sakic looked awesome last year and now he has Ryan Smyth and some great young talent around him. Should be the best game of the night ...

Montreal vs Carolina - I think Montreal will surprise some teams this year. We know about their top notch goaltending (Huet and Price) but their offense isn't that horrid, even without Sheldon Souray. It will come down to Roman Hamrlik to replace him somehow. Carolina is overrated but they do believe in a system and we all know from the Devils, that is a scary thing.

Ottawa vs Toronto - Ah, the first loss of the season for the Leafs. Martin Gerber is expected to start for the Sens, who barely changed from last season's Stanley Cup Final visit. Even with a new coach, they should smack around the limp Leafs.

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