Saturday, October 6, 2007

1-1: Rangers vs. Senators 10-6-07

Train of thought observations:

Two minutes in: Jagr has already taken a stupid hooking penalty; I love how our captain leads by example.

1-0: Malik went after Fisher in the corner after Rozy went down, which was the wrong play to make with a second Senator coming into the zone. Shockingly Malik didn't even know he was there and easy goal for Meszaros.

2-0: Strudwick and Staal were exploited, Drury tried to stickhandle back into the Rangers zone and hit Strudwick coming off of the bench. Then neither defenseman bothered to stay in the slot and Alfredsson exploited it. That's what you get for chasing the puck.

7 min in: Chris Neil railroaded Sean Avery, sending him off with what looks like a separated shoulder. Greeeaaaaat. Second look, at least to me, shows intent to injure as Avery was hunched over and Neil raised his elbow to go in for the hit. I guarantee you there won't be a suspension or fine.

12 min in: Malik is standing behind the net. Just standing there. I think he finally grew roots.

14 min in: The Senators are far and away too good for the Rangers defense to contain. As I typed that, Strudwick is trying to fight Neil. Tis a helluva battle but I don't see why Orr didn't go after him, I thought that is why we keep that goon in the lineup?

15 min in: Goddammit Malik. Stupid ass hooking penalty. And you people give me a hard time for booing him? Down 2-0 to a top team and he takes a bad penalty. SMRT.

19 min in: Henrik made two great saves in the last minute of the period, the second coming after Malik was caught following the puck rather than watching the most dangerous player on the ice. Genius. I really hope someone grabs him in the locker room and collects the reward for finding Big Foot.

End of 1st: Hank played a really good period. That's about the only good thing I can say about that. Lurch was just interviewed and to his credit he didn't try to figure out why the Rangers fans boo, he just tries to ignore it and focus on his game. I would say he needs to focus more. If he was a fourth line winger, I wouldn't hate him as much, but he is the number two defenseman and he is utterly incompetent in his own zone. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Stan Fishler just agreed with me that it should have been Colton Orr to go after Chris Neil.

2 min in: Henrik has already made a few good saves. And in Washington former Ranger Michael Nylander just scored a pretty deflection goal to put the Caps up 2-0. I still think he was a better option than Scott Gomez.

4 min in: Man do the Sens pass smoothly and tape-to-tape. Totally impressive.

6 min in: The Senators are playing a box+1 in their own zone and totally marginalizing the Rangers offense to the outside.

7 min in: The youngster line is doing what they need to do and forcing play, looking much more impressive than the other Rangers units.

8 min in: Jagr looks like he is joking with Dany Heatley. So much for hating your opponent. I just hope he isn't getting driving tips (btw - the fourth anniversary of Dan Snyder's death was this week, so sad).

10 min in: Staal is playing on the penalty kill and actually doing ok, except he is a little jumpy. I guess its the rookie jitters.

16 min in: Henrik just made yet another clutch save as Malik did his tree impression in front. Hank really looks like he is in prime form, too bad that if play like this keeps up, he will be burnt out long before the playoffs.

18 min in: Dan Girardi just made a great defensive play, pretty much sealing the fact that I will get a #5 jersey this season.

End of 2nd: Well, at least the Rangers were able to skate with the Sens this period. However, without Henrik, this game should be at least 5-0 at this point.

As per family tradition, I did the trivia with my dad and I got it right, as per usual. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!

3 min in: Girardi is sound positionally, and blocks a nice shot, I love it.

5 min in: Neil just took a run at Petr Prucha, I love how he deliberately attempts to injure a player and is still allowed to stay in the game. When he gets out of the box, Colt better kick his ass. EDIT - he never did, what an enforcer we have.

6 min in: Scott Gomez just turned over the puck twice on the power play. Either his confidence is shot, or he is as bad as his 60-whatever points last season indicated.

Missed 10 minutes while working, but it looks like Gerber has been solid as the Rangers have peppered him with shots.

1 min left: Why do the Rangers seem to play with more confidence with an empty net? I don't get it. Too bad this is a two goal game, otherwise I would say Drury would tie the game.

17 seconds left: Rozy took a penalty, nothing like going off in shame. Quite a disappointing game that showed how much farther the Rangers have to go to even come close to the Eastern Conference Champions. If not for a spectacular effort by Henrik, this game was a disgrace.

Our defense was exposed for what it is, soft and slow. The Sens played a great game in their own zone all night, keeping the Rangers out of the scoring areas, blocking shots and making picture-perfect transitions up-ice. Perhaps Renney/Sather will give Pock a crack at playing. I think he would be good alongside Girardi, and Toots could then move up to play alongside Rozy while Malik is released back into the wild.

And just a sidenote - Jed had an assist tonight for the Preds as they beat the Stars 5-1, yay Jed!

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