Thursday, January 7, 2010

21-17-5: Sloppy Seconds, Ha!

In an interesting turn of events, Sean Avery ended up with sloppy seconds for once and, pardon the lewd metaphor, he nailed them proper. Unlike half of the NHL falling in love with his exes, Sean Avery took a Dallas team that was broken in by the New Jersey Devils and put them over a barrel. Nicklas Grossman roughed Avery up in the opening minutes of the match and unleashed the beast as Avery went on to take Dallas for all they were worth - one goal, three assists and one victory.

He slapped them around and sent them home with their third straight loss.

And the best part of it? The Stars paid him to do it. Seeing as they are on the hook for half his salary after buying him out last year, the same Dallas team that openly loathed him when he was signed by their side - Marty Turco, Mike Modano, Brendan Morrow especially - were whipped like the gimp in Pulp Fiction. This was a performance by the Sean Avery of old, the one prior to the Tortorella playoff castration last season. It was a work of art from Mr. Avery, who was still hit by the officiating for 12 minutes in penalties (one an undeserved misconduct, the other a deserved cross check). Hopefully Grossman's aggression not only unleashed his team's demise, but that of the remainder of the Ranger opponents. With Sean Avery playing as he did and with Marian Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist playing as they always do, this Blueshirt squad is that much more difficult to beat, despite all of it's flaws.

But how long will it last? We'll certainly see, starting tomorrow. But first, notes on tonight:

*Marty Turco was terrible.

*Karlis Skrastins was not. I pointed out Skrastins to a friend before the game, professing my admiration for the Latvian defender. My buddy had no idea who he was and laughed. In the third period Turco went wandering, leaving an open net and Skrastins came flying in to lay out and block the certain Ranger goal. It was one of the best defensive plays I have seen in the Garden and it left everyone in the building breathless. Lat-V-ia, Lat-V-ia!

*And there was a lot of people in the building. Sure it wasn't as full as it was for the Christmas week games, but there was a very good showing by the True Blue.

*I know he is not with the organization anymore but watching the Ranger power play makes me want to punch Perry Pearn.

*Avery gets knocked around after most every whistle, Marian Gaborik takes a few cheap shots, Hank gets hit once or twice. Donald Brashear tries to start a fight in the final seconds when the game is already over at 5-2. This troglodyte needs to be sent back to the Stone Age and left there.

*Enver Lisin saw limited action but made a fantastic forecheck where he forced a Dallas turnover. Of course, he screwed it all up by passing to Brashear open in front - who completely shanked the shot - but credit must be given to the kid for keeping up a high energy level in limited minutes.

*Dallas, dudes, Chris Drury scored against you. Ha.

*I kept yelling at Brian Boyle throughout the game, calling him by the more appropriate moniker Susan. There was a poor girl sitting near me who clearly was named Susan and kept turning around thinking I was yelling at her. I felt bad. If you are out there darlin', sorry.

*It would be easy to get on Alice Kotalik as always but the Czech had one incredible blast past Turco in the second period and then proceeded to add insult to the injury by running the Dallas netminder in the third. Not too shabby, for once.

*Just glanced at the final box score, saw Michal Rozsival with his two assists. And yet he was still -2. This guy is a disaster out there and it is rare that someone gets points in the Garden and is booed so mercilessly. Ok, maybe not that rare, but Rozy is horrific.

*Think the officiating was afraid of losing control of the game? They called 12 minor penalties. And the Rangers took six of them, and rocked killed them all. The PK unit was all solid - even Drury and Redden - but Dan Girardi was particularly exceptional.

*We've seen plenty of puck over the years but can anyone remember so many posts getting hit night after night?

*How in the world was Stephane Robidas, he of the cowardly cage, not called for a delay of game when he just fell on the puck and stayed on it in the Dallas zone in the third period?

*Mike Ribeiro went down like a ton of bricks after being slapped by an errant stick, spends minute after minute down on the ice and there was no blood to be seen. How was he not called for a dive or delay of game himself? EDIT: I just read it was a slash across the throat, so I feel a little bad. But not really.

*Programming note, no Peepin' Foes for Atlanta tomorrow night (MSG+, 7p). I will try to get a post-game up before catching an early morning train to Bahston Friday for the BU/BC outdoor game and the Ranger game on Saturday but no guarantees.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Ales Kotalik - one goal.
2-Henrik Lundqvist - 25 saves.
1-Sean Avery - one goal and three assists.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
1-Avery - Sean deserves all three stars because he was the engine that ran the Rangers to a huge home win. People around the NHL wonder why we love this guy so much in New York ... well, tonight was case in point. Avery does it all, Avery gives it all and Avery doesn't give a damn what you think about. That is New York. And after a spectacular night, Avery was asked what he liked best, his goal or his spin-o-rama assist on Chris Drury's goal and he replied "the win." Attaboy Aves. Good answer. No go out and do it again tomorrow.


Derek B Felix said...

If Avery played like that and our team did likewise, we'd have a lot less to gripe about. They played with more edge than I can remember in a long time.

And it was kinda nice seeing Turco whine like a bitch after his terrible game.

Anonymous said...

So now you're saying that all black people are cavemen Scotty? That's what I inferred from that. You are a racist.

Anonymous said...

And you're Ribiero and Robidas cage comments shows just how little you know or pay attention to the actual game. Thanks for proving me right once again, idiot!

Amos said...

A more appropriate term would be to say that Ribiero was speared in the throat. I really thought that they were going to call a 5 minute spearing major after I saw the replay. But I do agree that he dives an awful lot. He returned to the bench briefly but then I guess was having some trouble breathing. He could barely get down the hall to the locker room the first time. Oh well.

Anonymous #6 said...

Anonymous, you are what I like to call a moron. If you don't like what Scotty writes don't read his blog. It is that simple.
And just because Donald Brashear is a caveman (I mean have you seen the guy skate? You did watch him try to start a fight at game end didn't you?) doesn't mean all black people are cavemen. Since you "inferred" that maybe you are the racist.
So why don't you stop trolling this blog you friggin' clown.

Chris said...

I think some people forget that Scotty watches these games in person. Thus, hes doesnt have the luxury of getting explanations and replays like those of us who watch on TV.

Keep that in mind when you read comments like those about Ribero and Robidas. From the standpoint of someone who was given no extra information I'd probably be thinking the same things.

Robidas wore the cage because of a injury he sustained in the morning skate. Puck tot he face or something.

And Ribero, obviously, had the stick to the throat. I dont blame him one bit for falling like a ton of bricks and not returning.

Anonymous said...

"I would have loved to have seen that delinquent do that for us last year," Stars goalie Marty Turco said....


Anonymous said...

Well if I was gonna write a blog on something that I claim to be an authority on like Scotty does, I would have the wherewithal to do the due dilligence and get my facts straight before I wrote something down and made a complete ass of myself...but then if he did that the blogs would stop being so funny and start to actually make sense and I'd have to go elsewhere for my comedy needs.

Chris said...

As mentioned previously... he has no need to do the 'due diligence' as this is not his job.

And I could be wrong, but I dont believe Scotty has ever claimed to be 'an authority' on hockey news.

Brother P said...

Scotty - fuck the haters. Good to see you last night, better seeing a win at the garden!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't care if it is or isn't his job. That doesn't excuse him from being inaccurate.

Bettman's Nightmare said...

Avery can be an absolute monster when he's on. I'd take him on one of the Top 2 lines over Higgins any day of the week.

rusty said...

I know that the stat sheet says that Rozi was -2 but it is not possible. Even if he was on for both goals against he got an assist on the Drury goal which was an even strength goal so the worst he could be is -1. Also, the 1st goal was a deflected centering pass off of Stahl from the opposite side of the ice that Rozi had no chance to prevent. If you put aside prejudice and look objectively, he had a good game last night and has be solid in most recent games. Fans need to support him, not boo, because we need him to play well if we are going to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous needs to set himself on fire and then go give Sather a nice bearhug so they can both, DIE IN A FIRE

Anonymous said...

Rusty - being on for both goals against does not constitute a good game play. Furthermore, he should be booed incesscently till he is shamed into retiring. There is no way for us to succeed with him on the team because he no longer gas the skill to play well. for every good thing he does, he does 10 bad. He is not only a bad hockey player, but I'm pretty sure he would struggle in even the AHL at this point.

PS for the record I am a different annoymous than the other guy, I enjoy the blog

Anonymous said...

At anonymous - are you talking about yourself? You are also named "anonymous"...what an idiot -ZING!

Scotty Hockey said...

1-Robidas has worn that cage time and time again because he keeps having his jaw broken. Gave him credit when he put it on when he broke it the second time and came back to play the same night. Now it is just ridiculous. Had no idea he hurt himself again prior to this game but that is just no surprise at all.
2-As Chris said Robeiro went down, we had no explanation. I wasn't being inaccurate, just relaying the facts as I saw them.
3-Rozy had gone for a change on the Drury goal so he wasn't on the ice when the puck went in.
4-Brother, great to see you too.
5-Haters, you know where the door is. Feel free to walk out.

rusty said...

That just reinforces what a misleading stat the +/- can be. Rozi gets a minus for a fluke goal that he could do nothing to prevent, does not get a plus for a goal that he assisted on while another player whose skates just touched the ice and had nothing to do with the play gets a +. I still say that Rozi is playing better hockey recently and that the only thing that booing him might do is to hurt the Rangers.
P.S. I've been going to Ranger games since 1953 and have never booed a Ranger player and never will.

M.A. in Blue Section 317 said...

Where do I start? I probably should state this on a day when there aren't a bunch of comments criticizing your site Scotty but I am angry at you and you might consider a change.

I am a Rangers fan for life. I support the team and I support all of the bloggers. I have frequented your site often but no longer from this point forward. Why you might ask?

I am a woman who likes hockey.

You obviously feel that women are a lower form of fan than you, due to your continued use of labeling lacking hockey players as "playing like a girl" and what you appear to think is clever, by changing their first names to a girls name. Cindy Crosby, Susan Boyle (ha ha..good one) and even in the past your own team members, which in my opinion makes you a non-fan.

This shows your immaturity as a writer. I know there are not as many female hockey fans as male but you should re-think what you think is comedy or funny as it is obviously just plain ignorant.


Scotty Hockey said...

M.A., sorry you feel that way. As someone who has taken sociology and sport classes, I understand that many womyn feel that the male-dominated sporting world's tendency to emasculate each other by calling them girls and other such gyno-centric labels is just plain wrong. I just happen to disagree with it.

By no means do I feel that females can't be as big, if not bigger fans as males - in fact I know and am friendly with many - but women are incapable of properly playing top flight hockey. That is a tough statement but it is a fact based on history (Rheaume, Wickenheiser, etc). And thus, by using feminine labels, I and many others are belittling other males, saying that they are also incapable of playing top flight hockey. We are not saying women know any less about the sport, care any less about the sport ... we aren't even talking about women. This blog, much like sport itself, is meant to be taken lightly. Sport no longer replaces war, it is entertainment and thus should be taken as such.

I have a serious question, as a hockey fan, how do you get by being so easily offended going to games? I have a friend who is offended by much, if not all of the insults hurled icewards so he rarely goes. And that is his decision, much like yours to surf elsewhere henceforth.

Anonymous said...

So not only is he a racist, but Scotty hockey is also sexist and corny!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, at least I'm not a whiny asshole. BTW, I am the "SATHER DIE IN A FIRE" Anonymous, so I felt that including your hopeful death in a fiery inferno with Sather would let people know that. ZONG!

Anonymous said...

@ die in a fire anonymous, which anonymous are you referring to, I just got here.

Damon LaScot said...

Whao...fireworks! Anyway....about HOCKEY:

Avery proved himself last night. I don't know what that unsportsmanlike call was about...seemed like nonsense bc they called one against Dallas shortly thereafter.

I think Christensen is doing a good job and would like to see him Centering the 2nd line when Vinny returns. I'd also like to see Avery back up on the 2nd line and Higgins on the 3rd - WHERE HE BELONGS. It's simple: Avery can score when put on a decent line. Higgins can't. Torts has given Higgins EVERY possible benefit of the doubt and played him on the top 2 lines plenty, but to no avail. Also, Drury is looking MARGINALLY better but Christensen has a fire under his ass and I like that. Stick Dru on the 3rd w/Higgins, throw Anisimov down to the 4th and put Boyle on the wing.

Here are MY lines that I'd like to see when Prospal returns:

Prospal - Dubinsky - Gaborik
Avery - Christensen - Callahan
Higgins - Drury - Kotalik
Boyle - Anisimov - Lisin

Scratch: Brashear and Voros

Noah's Art said...

i posted this on hfboards and got a positive response:

i'd like to officially dub the following, a "sean avery hat trick:"

a goal
an assist
and a unsportsmanlike/misconduct penalty

Noah's Art said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
how to hockey said...

Huh, never knew Avery could score. I guess that's what happens when he isnt suspended. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Oh, as DIE IN A FIRE Anonymous I was referring to Scotty is a Racist Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

So die in a fire anonymous, you are pro racism towards blacks in the NHL?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am totally Pro Racism in the NHL if it is only noticed by one moron, whiny bitch like you, whereas we all know that Brashear's blackness has nothing to do with the fact that he sucks as a player and should never have been signed. I guarantee if Brashear was white the same things would be being said about him. You are the only person who seems to notice his color. Perhaps you are the racist one since that seems to be all you care about. I personally care more about his lack of ability in skating and fighting.