Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Job Glen

"We think that Brashear gives you a couple of other things. He is quicker (then Colton Orr), he can get under the puck a little faster and under the style of game we are going to play we think he will be more effective for us."--Glen Sather on a conference call on July 1st.

Colton Orr: 55 games, two goals, two assists, -3, 112 PIM, 12 fights

Donald Brashear: 36 games, 0 goals, one assist, -9, 73 PIM, nine fights


jetblue jimmy said...

I HATED this trade-off since the moment it happened.36 yr old goons do not intimidate or scare anyone, its a young man's role. Our 4th line should have been Betts, Orr, and Mike Rupp. Instead we have a mish mash of Boyle, Brash, Lisin, Voros & Kotalik. Whatever good Sather did to get rid of Gomez & bring in Gaborik has been neutralized by his total screw-up of the 4th liners, IMO

Graying Mantis said...
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Graying Mantis said...

The NUMBers don't lie. What an awful cap-paralyzing transaction. But this is not all Sather's fault. Wasn't Torts the one with the hard-on for Brashear? Does Torts have any sense of understanding talent? It's a shame Orr's goal did not happen at MSG.

It's become painfully obvious that Torts was in the right place at the right time when he led the Lightning to the Cup.

Duniyadnd said...

@jetblue - don't forget Avery who's stuck in the fourth line - does well, but limited minutes

Anonymous said...

Come on Scotty, i relly like your blog, but for a Ranger fan in the know you struck out on this one. Colton wanted to go. He signed as soon as the FA market opened up. Yes its terrible for the Rangers to have signed Brash, but He was still available.

I wasn't in the room, but to me it looked like Colton wanted to play in Toronto and jumped at the chance.

Thanks for all the hard work....

Anonymous said...

This just sickens me and should any Ranger fan.

While Colton Orr was not the key to winning the Stanley Cup (or winning anything really), he was the PERFECT fourth line enforcer. The fans loved him, he knew where and when to make his presence known (i.e., against the Flyers, Islanders).

Sather's quote, if its even his, because im still convinced he doesnt even follow the Rangers, is riddles with cluelessness.

Brashear is quicker? quicker than whom? certainly not quicker than anyone in the NHL.

he can get under the puck a little faster? what does that even mean?

and under the style of game we are going to play we think he will be more effective for us?? really? how will he be more effective?

and more importantly what style of game are you playing?

Fuck you Sather. clueless piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Also worth mentioning......Orr, 09/10 Salary = $1.00 Mil (Cap hit = $1.00 Mil)........Brashear, 09/10 Salary = $1.8 Mil (Cap hit = $1.4 Mil).........Talk about biggest bang (You could substitute this word for your prefer word) for buck!!!!!!!!!!

Hartichoke said...

That video made me sad. Not a day goes by when I don't wish we still had Colton Orr. Easily my favorite Ranger amidst all the trifling last year.

I also think he left right away because he knew the Rangers weren't interested, which is just another example of Glen Sather's retardation.

I still sometimes watch Colton Orr fight vids of him as a Ranger to make myself feel better.