Monday, January 18, 2010

Peepin' Foes: Tampa Bay Lightning

A week ago the Rangers played a thrilling game against New Jersey and followed it up with a woeful performance against Ottawa. Sunday the Rangers played a thrilling game against Montreal and we will see how they follow it up Tuesday when they face Tampa Bay at the Garden (7 p.m. on Versus).

Where We Are: Coming off of one exciting win against the Habs and 4-2-3 since the calendar change. But at the same time, just one point ahead of the eighth place Islanders. The Islanders. Ugh.

Where They Are: Playing the second half of back-to-backs after beating Carolina 3-2 tonight. They sit in 13th place with 48 points but are just four back of the Isles. Parity and all that crap I guess. Tampa is 4-4 in 2010 and lost a home and home against the Panthers before beating the Canes.

Who To Watch For: Dustin Tokarski played a perfect period in relief in one of those losses to Florida but has yet to start a NHL game. I'm not quite sure an organization even as dysfunctional as the Bolts would throw the kid in to make his first start in MSG so we will likely see Antero Niittymaki play for the second straight night (Mike Smith is hurt). You never know though. Outside of the crease there are the usual suspects in mighty midget Marty St. Louis, Vinny04 Lecavalier, Seen Steve Stamkos, Ryan Bugsy Malone and Steve Downie Syndrome.

What To Watch For: Donald Brashear possibly getting back in the lineup if only to justify his existence by fighting Zenon Konopka. But, seeing as Z is the NHL leader in PIM, Brash will go back to his role as the Cowardly Lion allowing Aaron Voros to play. Which is ok too for your fisticuff folks as Voros and Malone have a history. See if the Ranger D step up and keep Bugsy away from Hank. See if any Ranger forward is bold enough to throw themselves in front of a Kurtis Foster slap shot from the point. See how they were able to fit "Szczechura" on the back of a jersey.

What We'll (Hopefully) See: A Ranger effort on par with that of the second two periods on Monday. The scoring binge continuing, and perhaps Vinny Prospal putting one (or two or three) in against his former team. Hank not letting fellow Swede Mattias Ohlund to score and out-dueling the Finny Niitty. Jewish Jeff Halpern eating too much at Katz's and snapping his four game point streak. Ohlund being exhausted after skating for more than 25 minutes - including five on the penalty kill - against Carolina.

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Anonymous said...

So in this blog you make fun of people with mental handicaps and jwish people - nice one you bigot!

Chris said...

Some people need lighten up a little bit and be able to chuckle at a subtle joke. It was hardly malicious.

I love all the people who get bent out of shape about people being politically incorrect when speaking about those with Mental Handicaps such as Down Syndrome... when the majority dont have personal experience with it.

What are you getting bent out of shape about? Let the people who deal with it every day get upset over it if they want to. You bleeding heart crybabies are no better than bigots.

Anonymous said...

Chris - good to know that you think it's ok to make fun of people with mental handicaps.

Duniyadnd said...

Turns out Brashear is going to be a "healthy" scratch tonight

Chris said...

I did not say its 'okay' to make fun of people with the handicap. I said that its not worth getting bent out of shape when someone pokes fun at someone else saying that they might be handicapped. They are two very different things.

Having grown up with an uncle that has Down Syndrome and dealt with all the crap that goes on, I'd say that chances are Ive got more 'reason' to get upset about it than any of you bleeding heart crybabies.

Anonymous said...

So your the only person in the world now who has someone in their life with down syndrome?

Chris said...

Not at all... Just saying that from personal experience, of which I have plenty, those who actually deal with it on a day-to-day basis dont seem to get nearly as upset about it as you crybabies.

He made a joke... get over it.

Anonymous said...

Well then I'm sure you'll have no problem with me or anyone else making fun of your uncle directly, that dumb retard!

icycup said...

thats odd anonymous... you "stick up" for something and then tear it all down with your uncle quote. some people just want to rage i think. they are best ignored, chris.

anyways, im glad that kotalik and brashear are scratched. i dont know what kotaliks problem is. its funny when your read the responses of these healthy scratchs and they are totally perplexed. it just PROVES that they dont watch any tape at all of their own play. brashear is easily explained. hes old, washed up, ineffective. whats kotaliks excuse? 3 mil a year for 3 years and living in nyc for the first time. where was he before? edmonton? i hear they just got their first Thai restaurant there, so he missed out on that. jeff halpern is jewish? anyone remember this "airplane" quote?

Elaine Dickinson: Would you like something to read?
Hanging Lady: Do you have anything light?
Elaine Dickinson: How about this leaflet, "Famous Jewish Sports Legends?"

Anonymous said...

Icycup - I don't think that your smart enough to see what I was doing there.

icycup said...

"you're", not "your".

basic english. you proved yourself wrong right there.

have a fun day!

Chris said...

Icy - I hear ya... just cant stand these idiots who read a blog that someone else does for fun and critique them as if its the person's profession.

Anon - if you actually read what I wrote earlier, youd know exact how I would feel about that.

Here, Ill copy/paste if for you to read, again. That is, assuming you actually read it the first time:

"I did not say its 'okay' to make fun of people with the handicap. I said that its not worth getting bent out of shape when someone pokes fun at someone else saying that they might be handicapped. They are two very different things."

Anonymous said...

Only 2 idiots here are the ones arguing with that other anon about mentally handicapped people on a hockey blog - get over yourselves