Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quote Of The Day

"The best thing for us is to get out of town." --John Tortorella after last night's 5-1 loss to Carolina.
No John, the best thing for us is for you to get out of town. You can't make these players play well while they are at home, you have a problem. They play for an Original Six franchise in one of the best buildings in the NHL and yet they have suuuuuucked in their own arena for most of this season with a sad 12-17 record (a loss is a loss, and 17 is third worst in the league). They are coddled in their country club practice facility, sequestered from the fans as much as possible and spoiled with first class travel and accommodations. But heading out to the other side of the country to play three exciting young teams is what's best for the Rangers right now. Yeah, that's it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, while my analysis of this team used to be thoughtful and introspective, its now simply:

FUCK sather

FUCK tortorella.

there's really nothing else left to say.

Pete said...

The Carolina crew was amazed last night that the Rangers didn't practice earlier in the day because of the issues with getting to and from the practice facility, or some such. The quote was "The Rangers didn't skate yesterday...and they're not skating now." Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Scotty, after the coach AFTER torts gets fired a year from now, who do you suggest hiring? How stupid could you possibly be? You're a know-nothing joe-schmoe sports fan and you'd be worse than Sather at running this team. How long till we start blaming the players? 1 more coach? 5 more coaches? tell me. please regale us all. After we fire Tort's, it's 100% gaurenteed that whoever replaces him is gonna grab the team automatically? They're just gonna listen to him? Like they didn't listen to torts? like they didnt listen to renney? How many coaches till we realize ITS THE PLAYERS? The difference between Tort's and these other schmoes is simple. HE'S GOT HIS NAME ENGRAVED ON THE CUP FOR FOREVER. he knows what he's doing, he just has rubbish players. Respond to this if you got any balls Scotty because I can't wait to here whatever you answer is and have a good laugh.

Scotty Hockey said...

It starts at the top with the GM and is shared by Torts and the players. If you think I don't blame the players for sucking, you clearly don't read this blog.

But feel free to laugh Anon, it's good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

yeah man, I agree, how come you NEVER dish responsibility on Sather and the organization as a whole. I'm also eager to hear what you're long term plan after firing Tort's is?

Anonymous said...

You don't blame them half as much as you blame your scapegoat torts. We've already seen a coach be fire, now less than a year later you want it again? You talk of overprivledged players, is that the very definition of it? Whats you're plan then, let's hear it.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Scotty pretty much rips on everyone I think its pretty evenly dispersed. I think the point is the coach on of the one things we can change, what are we gonna do just put everyone on waivers? Nobody wants them and the few people who would be decent tradebait are the few people who actually do stuff from time to time (i.e. Hank, Gaborick etc.) without them we'd be in even worse shape.... You want Brashear he's only 1.5 Million and he doesn't mind if you scratch him every other game

Anonymous said...

Could Torts Mommy please stop leaving mean messages for Scotty?

Scotty Rules!!!

Anonymous said...

There is no plan.

the short term is GET RID of the immediate problem Tortorella.

Yes, many of the current players SUCK

theres no question.


there is NO excuse for several things Tortorella has done and continues to do:

1. CONSTANTLY changing lines
2. playing Brashear EVER
3. playing Avery on the fourth line
4. playing Redden in an attempt to get him confidence -- you tried it -- it didnt work -- move on
5. mixing players in ways that CLEARLY dont work, i.e. Avery with Lisin, Callahan with Gaborik, etc.

The Rangers have a pile of shit, BUT they have a world class goal scorer in Gaborik. Some solid Defenseman, specifically Staal. and they have Henrik.

So take your 5 BEST players, in my opinion its Gaborik, Prospal, Avery, Staal and Del Zotto. And make sure they are on the ice at home as much as possible.

Turn Avery loose and let him be Sean Avery, the player that helped the Rangers over the past few seasons.

Mix and Match the rest of your leftover crap.

Let Drury, Callahan and Dubinsky play second line. Match Girardi with Rozy or maybe gilroy.

theres your next five.

NOW STICK with them

Third line play Higgins, maybe bring back Parenteau, and maybe center Christensen

Fourth line, i guess you go with Boyle, and maybe a few other guys from Hartford

Get rid of immediately, Redden, Brashear and kotalik

Send Anisimov and Lisin to Hartford

theres my plan.

Anonymous said...

Changing the coach is not the answer, whether some of you want to believe it or not. Sather is the problem and as long as he is here the team will continue to be built terribly. it's the truth and the sad fact is that there is nothing we can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Annoymous up above - wasnt' the short term plan last year to get rid of Renney? howd that work out?

Anonymous said...

getting rid of Renney didnt work

so does that mean you cant get rid of another coach?

cant think backward. this is a new team, and if tortorella sucks, he has to go.

do you suggest keeping him because firing renney didnt solve the problems??

thats what it sounds like....

Anonymous said...

So what happens when you bring another coach in? The players just automatically stop sucking? Redden gonna play up to his contract suddenly? What happens if they dont? Change the coach again? Yes i do suggest keeping him because firing Renney didn't solve the problem. It suggests that the coach was NOT THE PROBLEM in the first place.

Anonymous said...


The NY Ranger Twitter site is pushing for 10,000 followers, I say you get the word our encouraging followers to drop the Rangers and make it a race to zero followers.
My Tweet to @NYrangers yesterday stating this was not posted, talk about censorship.

Pete said...

I don't necessarily think Torts is the problem, but he's likely part of it. As I said last week, he seems more and more content to push the team's issues off on the players, not actually hold anyone accountable, and he is doing the Tom Renney "let's change up the lines - get me the darts" thing. But, when you have a GM who won't let you make him look bad by benching or sending down his pet players, your options are a bit limited. Let's face it, Sather has been mismanaging this team for eons. The brightest star in his recent past was getting rid of Gomez and acquiring Gabby, which was a crazy gamble, that just happens to be working out for him.

Maybe JD wants to come back to the Rangers organization? Pair him up with Messier as director of player development or something useful, instead of the official title of "Sather's lackey." Then we might see this thing turn around. Oh baby!

And yes, there are obviously players who have to go, but, they won't go until Sather goes and a new GM convinces Dolan that he has to write off some of that cap space as a loss. A big fat loss.

To be sure, even if Sather was gone tomorrow, things wouldn't get better for this team for a few years. Dolan isn't going to open up his pockets too easily after Sather spent his money like a drunken Kennedy. I think the word that we as fans have to get reacquainted with, and comfortable with, is "rebuild." That's the phase we're going to be in. If Sather gets canned. Which he won't. So, then, the word we REALLY have to get familiar with is "mediocrity."

Author said...

Fire Sather - that is all

Cbenny81ct said...

I think the team needs to be dismantled and ALL MANAGEMENT NEEDS TO BE FIRED

Dan LD said...

I'm not so sure how I feel about the "plan" posted somewhere up there. Recall Parenteau while sending down Anisimov and Lisin? Seriously? That's the plan?

If that actually happened, and the team were to follow the rest of your plan, which for some reason entails putting Dubinksy, Callahan and Drury on a line together, who's the third man on Gabby's line? Parenteau? According to your strategy, old PA is already on a line with noted goal scorer Chris Higgins and waiver pickup Erik Christensen. So the thrid line is one career AHLer and two guys barely clinging to NHL jobs. But at least that pesky Anisimov and Lisin are down in Hartford.

Now on to Brashear, Redden, and Kotalik - just "get rid" of them? If only it were that easy. You'd want to send them to Hartford with the team is still paying them to suck, making it so new players can't be signed? And why, at that point, is it a good idea to bring up "some AHL guys" to play with Boyle? Just any guys from the Wolfpack? Their best offesnive prospect, Grachev, isn't anywhere near NHL-ready.

As far as I can tell, you basically want to swap out most of the team for Wolfpack players, then let the 5 best players on the team play entire games, but only at home. Also, Vinny Prospal is no longer one of the team's five "best" players. However, Ryan Callahan, who's not on your list, is. And pairing Girardi with Gilroy on defense is more or less spotting the other team two goals.

Unknown said...

Did ya happen to see colton orr (yes that same colton orr that brashear is supposedly better than) scored on fatso on a breakaway tonight? Our best scorer cant even score on a breakaway vs MMMMMarty!