Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deadline 2010: Much Ado About Nothing

Trade deadline day has come and past and the New York Rangers you know and love (har har) are still New York Rangers. After rumours of big package deals, Glen Sather and company made just two minor transactions on Wednesday, neither of which should have a big impact on the Blueshirts.

First they traded Hartford's Jordan Owens to the Detroit Red Wings for Kris Newbury and then they dealt goaltender Miika Wiikman and a seventh round pick in '11 to Phoenix for Anders Eriksson.

Eriksson is a good addition should the Blueshirts actually make it to the playoffs or suffer a injury on the blueline (please be Redden, please be Redden). Much like the finally-healthy Mathieu Dandenault, Eriksson has a Cup on his resume and a helluva lot of experience. Even if he never steps on Broadway, he should be able to help Bobby Sanguinetti and the rest of the cubs on the Pack make a real run at the Calder Cup playoffs.

I remember watching Wiikman in the morning skates in Switzerland before last season and seeing some good things but he has been bouncing to the ECHL and clearly has been passed by Zaba and DosNueve on the depth chart. So no big loss there. I saw Owens play twice this season for Hartford and was impressed each time but will ultimately defer to Laurie at Beyond The Blueshirts for analysis (and she agrees):
"Newbury, a 28-year old center, gives the struggling Wolf Pack another option down the middle, while adding veteran experience and a player who’s not afraid to drop the gloves.

The cost, Owens, will be a tough pill for Wolf Pack fans to swallow."
The full piece is here and is well worth a gander. Both Newbury and Eriksson are pegged for Hartford and Mitch over at Howlings will be talking to both on Thursday so make sure you head over there to see what they have to say.

Sather had nothing to say today and he didn't bother meeting with the media. But he did make a statement and it isn't a bad one: 'this is the team I built and this is the team I think will make the playoffs.'

I had hoped he would use his Jedi ways of persuasion to get rid of Redden but have to admit that I don't mind that he failed. I mean, I mind that we still have to deal with Redden, but I'm glad Glen didn't do anything dumb to get rid of him - like package him with Ryan Callahan or Brandon Dubinsky and a top pick. I don't like that Corey Potter got the boot back to the bus league but I guess nothing can sway Sather that the team would be better off with the kid instead of Redden or Rozsival. Or nothing can sway him from taking the ego hit that would be demoting the multimillion dollar mistakes that he signed.

That is to be expected, it is the same old story. The final chapter of this season's tale will be written by the same players who are currently on stage, strutting and fretting. Let's hope it is more than a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

But I wouldn't bet on it.


noah said...

great way to end the piece! i agree, i'm glad he stood pat rather than trade for a rental.

The Likely Lad said...

there's no sound and fury with these guys. there's just... nothing. they will not endure. they will not prevail.

Anonymous said...

sather die in a fire

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Anonymous said about Sather. He will never be able to dump Redden or Rozival because they are like Lehman Brothers stock.....worthless.

Since the inconsistent Rangers won in Ottawa (I consider that 1 in a row not 3 because of the time off in between) it is guaranteed they will fail miserably tonight in Pittsburgh. R&R never have two solid games in a row so watch them blunder.

Prediction: Pittsburgh win by 4 and Rangers drop to 11th in the East by tomorrow and go on a 3 game losing streak.

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE Sather had nothing to say, he didnt even know it was trading deadline day.

hes a senile old clueless piece of sh*t

everyone is "evaluating" what he did/didnt do, which is hilarious because he doesnt do anything.

what a joke.

Anonymous said...

"2 Ranger Fans No Cups" where 2 fans poop on Sather's head. ACADEMY AWARD!!!