Thursday, December 9, 2010

17-12-1: Road Warriors

So the Rangers won on the road, huh? Nice. They bounced back from Sunday's defeat to beat the very same team four days later, 5-3.

For this one - and Sunday too perhaps - I ask that you guys to fill me in on what you observed in the comments (more than usual). Why? Because I didn't observe anything - my ancient PowerBook couldn't get video for the game while I am away on holiday. Listened to the audio of the Ottawa broadcast for a period until the 'take a look at this/right here/on the left side of your screen' got to be too much for me. That idiot Denis Potvin sucks. Switched to the Ottawa radio broadcast, which wasn't bad but c'mon, hockey and radio works even worse than hockey and television.

Just a few notes; no photos as I've been up nearly 24 hours:

*Heard on the radio 1: "Handful of Rangers are not sharp... but Gaborik has been their best player by far." Two primary assists helps attest to that but the blown breakaway in the third after the equalizer hurts. As to the Rangers not being sharp, what did you expect when they were hanging around the city for a few days, likely enjoying all it had to offer???

*Wonder what Torts said to snap them out of it during the second intermission ... and if this doesn't add evidence to my theory that they suck at home because of big fun in the big city, I don't know what will.

*Heard on the radio 2: "How did Elliot let that one go in?!? That is a terrible softie to give up." Somehow appropriate for a goal by Mr. Softie the Backstabber himself.

*Avery and Prust battle and Mike Sauer scores to break the deadlock. On a power play no less. Speaks volumes about this team. Very happy for Sauer to not only get his first NHL goal but to have it come in that situation and prove to be the game winner ... awesomeness.

*Why is it that the Rangers make Ottawa's secondary scorers into stars? It would be one thing if Alfredsson and Spezza made them look dumb but to be outshined and outworked by Fisher, Kelly and Foligno? Again? Inexcusable.

*It is hard to feel bad for Fisher as he goes home to that wife of his but dude was robbed of a hat trick at least twice - first by the post and then by Hank's glove save. How good was that? The radio guy nearly busted a lung raving about it.

*Caught the Boogaard fight here and he got his ass kicked. For the heavyweight champ, he seems to take quite a bit of damage in these bouts, even the ones that he wins (which definitely does not include this one). Glen needs to find a way to get rid of this contract Gomez style. Look at what Boogey does for the Rangers and look at what Carkner does for the Sens - that is why the signing was a mistake: Boogaard lurches around for a few minutes hoping for a fight while Carkner takes a regular shift and kills penalties.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Brandon Prust - one assist.
2-Marian Gaborik - two assists.
1-Mike Fisher - two goals.

Your Three Stars


Ozzi said...

Rangers looked, like their season, inconsistent throughout the whole game. Sauer had a bad turnover in the first that led to the Senators first goal, but Stepan tied it off a nice Gaborik pass a minute and a half later. Second period wasn't a good period, as the rangers took 16 shots but still went into the locker room with a 3-2 deficit. In the third, Christensen scored from that sharp angle (which I was totally caught off guard by, I figured he was firing it around the boards for some reason cuz he does that stupid stuff). Sauer made up for his turnover by scoring the game winner for his first NHL goal. Oh and boogaard got into an inevitable fight with Carkner at the end of the first, got nailed in the face, went to the locker room and didn't return. Dubi added an empty netter. Good win, not perfect, but a battle win.
Stats from SNY Rangers Blog:
Henrik Lundqvist stopped 24 shots for the win
The Rangers had six shots in the first and third period. 16 in the second.
Overall shots were 28-27 for the Rangers
Faceoffs were 25-24 for Ottawa
The Rangers blocked 20 shots
Alex Frolov played close to 13 minutes and had no shots on goal
Brandon Dubinsky had four shots on goal to lead the Rangers. He played 19:10 and was 2 and 2 on faceoffs
Marc Staal played 30:30 with three shots and three hits
Matt Gilroy played 13:07 with two shots and two blocked shots
Derek Stepan played nearly 20 minutes and was 4 and 6 on faceoffs along with his goal in the first period
Sean Avery played 8:58
Marian Gaborik played nearly 22 minutes with two assists and two shots on goal.
Derek Boogaard played 2:18 and didn’t return after his fight in the first period
Brian Boyle had 7 hits in over 17 minutes of ice time

NYR34 said...

Actually, Cark's 10 minute was the result of him appearing to flick blood onto the Rangers bench. The MSG feed didn't catch it, thus baffling the guys on TV. TSN cought it and showed it on their postgame. Wysh just put a link on PD.

Anonymous said...

Del Zotto was scratched

-Sather Die in a Fire

Anonymous said...

Worst Ranger on the ice last night was Eminger by far. Sauer's giveaway on the first PK was supposed to be a pass to Eminger, but he made no attempt to get the puck.
On Fisher's second goal, he danced right around Eminger and in clean on Lundqvist.
Staal had a soft moment on the other Ottowa goal: he battle Michalek for position in front of the crease and got knocked over onto Lundqvist, taking him out of the play. Staal needs to start playing like he's one of the biggest guys on the ice.
Regarding Hank's glove save to stop the hats, it brought back memories of Richter. Fisher walked into a point-blank slapshot and Hank went to the splits with the glove up by the crossbar. Perfect

Dave W said...

Scotty, the Mr Softie Backstabber thing is getting really old and tired. Time to retire it.

Craig said...

agree with ozzi's recap

nice to see sauer make up for his bad giveaway. i dont think blaming eminger is fair considering you learn not to put the puck in front of your own net early in life. glad to see it didnt cost him the game or demotion.

i CANT believe carkner did not get an intigator penalty. i dont like the rule as a whole, but it should be enforced consistently for all teams, not just for Avery.

I think Boogards shoulder is bothering him more than he is letting on....that could be why he is not the brute he is usually known as. I assume he reingured it falling to the ice. He did show he could take a punch though and landed a decent one.

was upset when we fell behind all those times but glad we pulled it out in the end.