Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Great Re-Opening

Since opening night is a day away, I look forward to getting a few questions of mine answered about the renovated Garden. Some are serious, some are sarcastic, but all are burning (like gonorrhea):

*Will Dolan dislocate his shoulder patting himself on the back?

*Just how many homeless people can you see from the new 'city views'??

*How many 'great new features' will be covered up by poorly painted sheetrock?

*Will ushers allow the real fans to lurk in the new seats to watch warmups? Or will our poorness stain the new fabric?

*Which will be sadder, the pre-game ceremony for Derek Boogaard or the power play?

*Will all Sean Avery shirts and jerseys be on sale? Will Torts be selling them himself, out on Seventh Ave?

*After fighting Orr, will Rupp go back to his usual job at the Museum of Natural History as part of the neanderthal exhibit?

*Given the prices, will they install a automated teller machine where you can take out a second mortgage on your house?

*Which will be higher? The attendance or the number of line combinations Tortorella tries?

*How will they ever top Ace Frehley??


Anonymous said...

Hey Scotty, for someone who complains so much about the high prices and the perceived mistreatment of the non high paying customers, you certainly seem to spend a lot of money on the Rangers.

It's apparently so gosh darned expensive yet you purchased season tickets yet again. You buy jerseys and other merchandise.

Where do you think that money goes? It's making its way to Jimmy Dolan.

Now you're faced with a tough decision. Stop going to games and continue complaining about the high prices, or keep going all the while giving your money to the Dolans and keeping your mouth shut.

I mean, how could you possibly complain about high prices while you're still willingly paying those high prices?

Scotty Hockey said...

It is called being a diehard fan. I support the franchise, not the businessman who owns it. I concur though, when it comes down to it I am enabling - no argument there. But the prices aren't going to stop me from seeing and supporting my team as long as I can afford it.

william Peace said...

Anonymous gets at something that has always bothered me about the tone of your writing. You appear to have no appreciation for the fact you can afford to indulge in being a season ticket holder and follow the team closely. For most people season tickets are a pipe dream that will never come true. I go to a few games a year and am grateful I can afford that as I know the vast majority of fans have no choice but to stay home and watch the game on television. And given cable tv prices some cannot afford to see a game in their own home. Why not acknowledge you are lucky to see so many games once in a while.

Chris said...

Why on earth should Scotty apologize for being able to afford to go? No one here knows how he does it. Maybe he forgoes other luxury items so that he can afford to do this.

Maybe he spends every waking hour that hes not in the rink at work so that he can afford to go.

Bottom line is that no one but him (and presumably family and friends) knows how he does it and thus, no one should pass judgement.

No one should feel bad about being able to afford to go, but everyone, and I mean everyone has the right to complain about increasing ticket/food/beverage prices.

Just because someone can afford it doesnt mean they want to pay that much.

william Peace said...

Chris, You misunderstood the point I was trying to make. Of course there is no reason to apologize for being able to afford season tickets and a trip to Europe to watch the team play. And yes people can spend their hard earned money as they see fit. My point was it would be nice for him to acknowledge how lucky he is once in a while to afford such luxuries. I am not passing judgement but rather making a suggestion.