Saturday, February 11, 2012

35-13-5: Five Down, One To Go

The Rangers moved one win away from a season sweep of the Flyers by beating the Broad Street bungles 5-2 on Saturday afternoon. The Ranger power play hit for not one, not two, but three (!!!) goals and captain Callahan contributed not one, not two, but three (!!!) goals during the delectable decimation. While it would be nice to delight in the disgrace of our once-powerful foes from Philly, there is no rest for the wicked as Washington comes to the Garden in a Sunday matinee.

So just a few Late Hits:

*The power play worked. It actually worked. And it didn't just work because Sergei Bobrovsky is terrible. It worked because the players kept it simple. The first two came in the flow of play, off the rush and the third was just smooth. There was no messing around, trying to be fancy, making poor passes, waiting for the right shot or trying to force through the wrong one.

*Good things happen when you go to the net and Arty has been going to the net. The kid is slowly gaining some confidence and a willingness to pay to play.

*How is someone as big as Brian Boyle, who grew up with as many siblings as Brian Boyle and is as willing to throw off his gloves as Brian Boyle is as bad a fighter as Brian Boyle is?

*Jaromir Jagr had virtually no effect. Wow.

*Love it when Dubi gets emotionally involved.

*Supposedly Stu Bickel spent some time as a forward but it sure looked like Del Zaster had that position all game. The kid utterly abandoned his defensive duties throughout the afternoon. He left Anton Stralman utterly alone to deal with two Philly forwards on several occasions with the puck in the Ranger end. The kid does not know how to do his job and has shown zero improvement in that aspect of his game from the first second he stepped on Broadway.

*Bickel fighting Sestito over the two linesmen was just ridiculous, two guys who do not belong in the NHL. I had such hope for Stu too. Sad.

*Scott Hartnell is a clown.

*Question for the night: is it Dan Girardi who is making Ryan McDonagh look so good or is it McDonagh who is making Girardi look so good? Because both have been great.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Wayne Simmonds - one goal, one assist, one fight.
2-Marian Gaborik - one goal and three assists.
1-Ryan Callahan - three goals.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Simmonds - A Gordie Howe hat trick is always an achievement and he truly seems to dislike the Rangers. Can appreciate that.
2-Gabby - This Marian Gaborik is far better than the one who cruised through the last few campaigns.
1-Cally - Has there been anything he hasn't done this season?

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