Monday, November 16, 2009

Peepin' Foes: Washington Capitals

The Blueshirts are back on Broadway Tuesday night looking to build off their win in Ottawa against the Washington Capitals. The game is due to start at 7 pm, will be on Versus and is sure to be entertaining. Not the Versus telecast - that will likely suck - but the game itself.

Alexander Ovechkin is due to return, which certainly presents one heckuva quandary: on one hand we will be privileged enough to see the best hockey player on the planet - something hockey fans in, say, Switzerland will never get to witness in person. On the other hand, why the hell does he have to come back against us? Isn't it bad enough that the Rangers have won just three of their last eight games? It's not faaairrrrrrr!!!!!!!

*stamps feet and pouts*

Where We Are: Playing the Caps for the second time this season, the first being a cardiac-inducing 4-3 win in the Phone Booth amid that 7-0 run last month. Yes, it really was only last month. Feels like quite longer, donnit?

Where They Are: Looking to bounce back from a 5-2 loss to the Devils. They lost to Jersey on the fourth, won four games in a row and then lost to Jersey again. How depressing. If the Rangers lost two straight to Mmmaaaarrrtttyyy I'd be borderline suicidal, or in a murderous rage; either way, it ain't good to be the Rangers.

Who To Watch For: Oh, there are a few guys. Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom and Green are all upper echelon. Brooks Laich, Brendan Morrison and Tomas Fleischmann are successfully providing secondary scoring and rookie Mathieu Perreault has five points in his first six NHL games. Mike Knuble is out after finger surgery, so that's something. Right?

What To Watch For: Ranger discipline - they have given their last two opponents 11 power plays with Atlanta scoring twice. The kill was spectacular against Ottawa, but let's face it, the Sens don't have the power play talent that Washington has. The Caps don't have a goon so this would be the perfect chance for Brashear to do some damage, send a message and cause chaos (like he did against us when Torts stupidly benched Colton Orr in the playoffs) but let's face it, he hasn't contributed anything to the team so far so why would things change now?

What We'll (Hopefully) See: Everyone's favourite ex-Ranger Tom Poti to play like he did while wearing a Blueshirt and cause his team to lose with half-hearted, stupid play ... essentially to out-Poti Rozsival. Sean Avery to remember that he is Sean Avery. Someone other than Gabby or Prospal to score, preferably Cally as he has one goal in the last 14 games. Marc Staal to continue his stellar work shutting down Ovie, Dan Girardi to keep blocking pucks and someone to remember to cover Nick Backstrom every minute of every shift because he is scary good.

Also Check Out: Japer's Rink rocks the block - and if you can't make it to the Garden, head over there to hang out during the game because they are some fun folks. But don't troll, they don't like trolls. There are plenty of other Caps blogs out there, but why go elsewhere after you went to the best?


Your Nation's Capital said...

Hey Scotty and Friends of Scott -

Thanks for the Japers' shout out. We're always happy when the opposition stops by in our Game Day thread, which always goes live @ 5pm on game days.

If you don't have a SBNation identity, create one quick. You'll need to "join" Japers' Rink in order to chat. The Japers' adminitrator usually holds to a 24-hour waiting period for new members but I'll send a note to management to see if they can expedite.

A couple of requests:

1. Scotty's right, we do not like trolls. If you bring facts and/or good humor to your arguments, we're always up for debate.

2. Get an avatar. It's a Japers' thing. There is no why, it just is.

3. We join you in being a little conflicted about Tom Poti.

4. have fun! It's gonna be a great game.

Unknown said...

was your temper tantrum your MMMAAAAARRRRRRTTTTTTYYYYYYY impersonation?

like this...

(best part is chico's homertastic announcing)

Scotty Hockey said...

I love Chico saying he isn't being a homer, just a goalie - while Marty is three feet outside of his crease. Oh, man, that goal was the only thing keeping my from going Waco after the Rangers lost their Game 7 the same night ...

Anonymous said...

article on your boy jed

i'm not a huge fan of his but know you were/are


Anonymous said...

This should induce an aneurysm or something fun: We're tied with the fucking Islanders right now.

Anonymous said...

i'd rather the isles sneak in as the 8th seed than be a bottom 3 team overall and get another stud draft pick.

even better i still am hopeful they will move out of the area.


Pete said...

See that made my day so much better.

Anonymous said...

No way, Isles must stay. I'm a Jersey boy, so I hate on the Devils more, but I never want to see one of our rivals go.

Anonymous said...

well a fair amt of ranger fans would love to see the isles move on. one thing for sure - if the isles start winning cups again and stay here i am done with hockey as i was in the early 80's. this time for good.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really want to see the Islanders go? I'm a huge Rangers fan and it offers me an opportunity to go see the Rangers twice a year for half price and half the drive, makes an easy target to rip on there fans and disrespect there shit hole building and makes for some really serious games and at times easy two points.

I know its fun to torment there fans about them leaving but if they did would anyone really want to see them go?

Anonymous said...


to the isles moving.

were you a hockey fan in the early 80's. and did you or do you live on long island.

as i stated above i basically gave up hockey in the early 80's because of those clowns. never again. or i'm done as a hockey fan - unless we win another one 1st.