Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The NYR Facts Of Life: #23 Chris Drury

For each player who suited up in a Blueshirt this season we will take the good, we will take the bad and take them both and see what we have. I probably should have done it in reverse number order as the last two weeks will largely be devoid of 'stars' but what the hell; it's now the captain's turn, #23 Chris Drury.

#23's #s: 77 games, 14 goals, 18 assists, -10, 31 PIM.

Take the good: Dru was a solid third/fourth line center. He won some faceoffs, killed penalties, blocked shots and backchecked well. In fact, he blocked 97 shots over the season, 22 more than a defenseman Wade Redden ... but that really isn't saying too much, does it? Three of his 14 goals came during the team's 7-2-1 final stretch, which just goes to show he could have been be a better asset to the team had he applied himself all season long - as goes the captain, so goes the team perhaps?)

Take the bad: He was regularly on the second line, he was paid like a superstar ($8,050,000 this season with a salary cap hit of 7) and had the lowest point total of his career (32) while averaging 17:45 of ice time a game. That includes just over two minutes of power play time a night where he racked up eight points (two goals). While we don't know what went on inside the room, Drury was clearly not a vocal leader on the ice and his interviews were cliche-ridden and dull. But at least he didn't say anything stupid like his 'not gonna let a loss ruin Christmas' comment from a few years back.

Take them both and then we have: When Tim Taylor was named captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning in '06-07, I thought it was a fantastic move - a hardworking, lower-line veteran who didn't score a lot (six points in 71 games) but worked hard in the trenches and selflessly did the little things that help a team win. John Tortorella was the head coach of that Tampa team, and here in New York he has another Taylor-esque captain. The only problem is the pressure to play Drury on higher lines, a pressure that comes from his salary and the lack of depth up the middle. Thank you Glen Sather.


icycup said...

$50,000+ (after taxes, etc) a GAME he makes. that doesnt bother me. what bothers me is that it counts against the cap.

man, i used to be the biggest drury fan.

Schram said...

Love the irony of the picture you included of Betts and Drury because technically Betts is exactly like Drury as a player, except Betts was cheaper.

David said...

Where's Kelly Kisio when you need him?