Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your 85th Anniversary Logo

On the left is the season ticket books with a cardboard band around it with the embossed logo. On the right an oversized empty shopping bag they issued with the booklet for no apparent reason. Then again, as @CP2Devil said on twitter maybe the "Bag is for all the booze you'll need to get through the season." I would concur if it was an environmentally-friendly reusable bag, but instead it is paper. Like the Rangers often do, they wasted money designing and printing future landfill. Money that would be better spent towards ... well, anything.

With no word otherwise, I would guess that the massive logo on the paper bag will be re-purposed into a patch for this season. The round one on the booklet band would be more intricate, and thus more of a pain to stitch. We shall certainly see!

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