Monday, February 28, 2011

Staying On Target

Deadline day proved to be much ado about nothing for Ranger fans, something we should be quite delighted about. It is cause for celebration as it shows that for all of the blustering in years past, the organization is truly sticking with their pledge to build from within.

The one deal done today - John Mitchell for a seventh rounder - was a good one and a necessary one. It was necessary because Hartford needed a body to properly replace Tim Kennedy, who was dealt for McCabe. It was good because that body can be Mitchell or it can be Newbury or someone else. Mitchell has had his successes against the Rangers in the past - eight points in eight games, three of which came on that infamous Hockey Night In Hell. Once seen as a possible power forward for the Leafs, he fell out of favour and has been waived a few times if my memory holds. While one may grimace that a possible wire pickup cost a perfectly good pick, you just can't time when another team will put that player on waivers. So he is here now, and the Rangers future is still heading forward according to plans.

Sure I personally would have loved to have rid us of Anisimov, Gilroy and Del Zotto, but that is me. The brass feels that these kids have an upside and they are sticking with them. If the two RFAs go to arbitration, they will be that much more motivated next season. Next season is not the target, however. As I have written several times in the past, the Rangers are building for Stanley in 2013. They will have a newly renovated building and have to have a team to justify the ticket prices they will charge to get into it.

If you need evidence for that, season ticket holders not-so-coincidentally received e-mails "from" Scott O'Neil - the president of the Garden. O'Neil's opus provided an update on the Transformation, how the changes would effect subscribers and, oh yeah, details about when subscribers can expect to receive 2011 playoff invoices and 2011-12 renewal information. In regards to that last part, O'Neil said they will offer "new interest-free payment plans designed to provide you with extended time to pay for your tickets" - which means we can expect prices to skyrocket this summer. Joy.

But, after today's relative inactivity, at least we know that what we will be paying for is a team finally trying to do it right. All of the words over the years that proved false are gone, today's action - or inaction - provides proof that the Rangers are trying to win the Stanley Cup, not just make the playoffs.


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