Friday, July 22, 2011

What's Goin' On ...

I just realized that I haven't put anything new here in 20 days, the biggest span between posts since this blog was founded four years ago.

On one hand I do want to apologize to all of those looking for content, I know that the appetite doesn't diminish despite the heat. On the other I must say it was nice to get away and unwind - this will be post #1,493 for me and this was feeling like a bit of an anchor at times.

But the truth of it is that there has simply been little worth ranting over of late. Or at least ranting in more than 140 characters - I still tweet up a storm.

The RFA action hasn't been contentious - we figured all of the guys would be back and are just waiting on Cally at this point. If he truly is captain material, he will sign a long term deal ahead of his arbitration hearing. As for the salaries, well, money matters just aren't interesting to me. Billionaires and millionaires arguing over a few hundred thousand bucks, yawn.

So where does that leave this blog as August nears? Well, there will certainly be some kind of commentary should Callahan go to arbitration - perhaps something like the trial I held for Brendan Shanahan years ago. You can expect a post when the team signs their seventh defenseman - even if it is just Steve Eminger. The Blueshirts finally have set their preseason schedule and that is spurring me to script some more posts. In the near future there will be individual looks at each of the Rangers' European opponents. There may or may not be the pre-season Peepin' Foes for the entire NHL - no telling if there will be time. Real life job is keeping me focused on the soccer pitch rather than the ice but I can assure you that this blog isn't going anywhere (for now).


Jon said...

Scotty, enjoy your break. I look forward to reading your rants as the new season draws near.

Dave W said...

It's off season, you know. We're not exactly expecting anything from July 1st to start of the preseason.

Alex said...

Yeah. Just enjoy the break and have some rest for the upcoming season!

- Alex

craig said...

funny, we all still check the site

thanks for wetting the to speak