Friday, September 21, 2012

Smarter Spending

The NHL preseason was due to start next week but because of the current bickering those games have already been cancelled, with more to come. If you are like me, you budgeted some of your hard-earned bucks in anticipation of the coming season.

Well, since the NHL and the NHLPA can't figure out how to divvy up our cash, screw 'em - let's spend it on something far, far more deserving. For that, I turn this over to a good friend of the blog:
Fellow Hockey Fans:
Far too frequently we read or hear about an American soldier who has recently been “Killed In Action”. Since 2001 over seven thousand men and women have given their lives in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These incredible sacrifices have left too many American children without a parent.

To honor the fallen and to support their children as they grow, I will be participating in the first Warrior Ride Across America.  This Saturday, September 22, 2012, our team (12 cyclists / 6 support members) will spend eight days cycling across the United States, beginning in San Diego, California, and arriving in New York City - Ground Zero on September 30, 2012.  The ride is over 3,200 miles.

We are raising money for two wonderful charities, The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation (MC-LEF) and the Travis Manion Foundation (TMF).  MC-LEF has provided over $60 million in scholarship bonds to the children of service members who have been Killed In Action, ensuring that their children can afford to attend college.  MC-LEF also provides for assistance if an unforeseen hardship such as a medical emergency befalls a military family. The Travis Manion Foundation (founded in memory of  Lt. Travis Manion, KIA April 29, 2007)  also provides scholarship funding for the children of fallen service members, in addition to providing financial, medical, and domestic support to those who have been severely wounded in combat.

I humbly ask that you consider making a donation to this cause.  If you are so inclined please donate here:
If you scroll down on the page you will see a section with my name and picture and a donation link.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Joe Burke
Joe has ridden for a cause before, last time earning over $40,000. So far this Warrior Ride has picked up corporate sponsors and collected close to half a million bucks! That's fantastic but it could be better. Your politics, your feelings about the righteousness of the wars, are irrelevant; these are good people riding for children in need. Please help them out.

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