Thursday, March 7, 2013

11-8-2: Conquering Space

The Rangers made it three wins in a row when they defeated the evil Philadelphia Flyers 4-2 on Tuesday night.

Had a whole rant about how the team played poor puck but were saved by Mr. Universe's ineptness but it is so long after the fact that it's gone. They won, so whatever. Just have to hope they can keep underwhelming and collecting points until they get their acts together.

The regular season is simply the team tuning up the engine so all pistons fire in time for the playoffs. There are knocks, stalls, backfires and misfires along the way but sometimes you have to suffer through them so you can get things revving the right way.

Late Hits:

*Get well soon Staalsie. That was brutal to watch, unimaginable to suffer through.

*The puck to the eye of course re-ignited the great visor debate. A coworker made the point that at this point, these kids played behind glass or steel their whole lives so instituting a mandatory rule would be the obvious thing to do. I believe in player's choice, and Trent McCleary was wearing a visor when his throat was crushed by a puck.

*Nice to see Voracek skate over to Staal as the Ranger was being taken off and give him a tap. Class move.

*It was incredibly nice of Ilya Bryzgalov to stand still and let Rick Nash score the go-ahead goal. Seriously, he must have thought the Blueshirt was a white husky or something and was day dreaming.

*Ryan Callahan pulled off goal line deke on Bryz to tie the game. What a beautiful thing. Looked vaguely familiar: a bit of Nash, a bit of old school EA NHL Hockey.

*Callahan's earlier power play goal came off the rush. When the boy set up in the zone, during the other three power plays, they were their usual putrid selves. Quick passing, quick moving, intelligent decisions ... nah.

*Speaking of power plays, the Rangers gave Philly three of them. Nash giveth, Nash taketh away. He has taken 11 minor penalties this season; he has four power play points.

*The other well paid goal scorer, Marian Gaborik, must be injured or something. There is no way that sniper shoots the puck that softly and right at the goaltender time after time. There has to be an excuse. And he is just dragging J.T. Miller down. The kid plays with energy, Gabby lolligags. He's a lolligagger.

*Dolan can be proud that his corporatization of the Garden is going well. As with the ACC, the atmosphere at MSG was lackluster at best. When it is quiet, part timers feel free to whistle Potvin Sucks. And it was quiet a lot. It is lifeless and dull, miles away from the edgy atmosphere that made it the World's Most Famous Arena.

*Someone make Dancing Idiot stop. Please. The guy is an embarrassment to this city and this franchise. And can you even call what he does dancing?

*Micheal Haley had one good hit. "Good" and "Haley" in the same sentence ... odd. Thought the only time I would put both together there would be "riddance" in between.

*Taylor Pyatt appears to be spending too much time with Brian Boyle - he isn't using his big frame the way he did when the season started. What's the point of having a Hulk lumbering around if he isn't going to act like one?

*Stats show Boyle won 11 of 13 faceoffs. What?!?

*A jab and a facewash? That is all Stuuu-pid gave Hartnell from the bench. Not enough, not nearly enough. Sideshow Bob deserves a beating.

*PHW Three Stars:
3-Jakub Voracek - one goal and one assist.
2-Ryan Callahan - two goals and one assist.
1-Rick Nash - two goals.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars:
3-Nash - Ok, his first goal was a joke. His second? Preeeetty. Turning a hook into a sweet deke? One heckuva piece of skill.
2-Wayne Simmonds - Dude is a beast, just an outstanding hockey player. Truly hate that he wears the orange and black.
1-Cally - We've witnessed his selfless shotblocking, we've witnessed his toughness, and now we're witnessing his outstanding skill. He's so good.

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