Friday, May 9, 2008

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising

As many of you may have seen, the Sports-Reference folks have gone live with their hockey site to rival the long-standard Hockeydb. It was a good move by them as Hockeydb, while reliable, added annoying pop-up advertising while their site will not. Instead, Hockey-Reference has page sponsorships. Venerable hockey blogger James Mirtle alerted everyone with a post and set off a feeding frenzy. And, of course, I had to get in on it myself.

Scotty Hockey is now the proud sponsor of three pages for a year: one of my all-time favourite players in Joey Kocur, Marek Malik (self explanatory there) and Brandon Dubinsky. I grabbed Dubi as he is truly a rising star for the Blueshirts. Of course, I also did it at five a.m. or so. And thus, the best tag line I could come up with was "May 2007-08 be the first of many solid seasons as a Blueshirts centerman for Brandon ..."

So here is where you guys come in. Much like with what (that bastard who stole Sean Avery) Greg over at Yahoo! (j/k Greg) is doing for Chris Pronger, I would like you to put your ideas in the comments and I will replace mine with the best of the bunch. So get to it!

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the54effect said...

I went to buy Denis Potvin to make sure it read 'Potvin Sucks' and his page costs a hundred dollars. What the hell.