Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow, What A Commercial

It has been easy to jump on all of the inadequacies of the NHL's marketing in recent years. From the NHL store to the broadcasts to the scheduling to the logo change, the league has made many mistakes and has done quite a poor job. But I have to bow down and say that I have been utterly blown away. Puck Daddy over at Yahoo! posted it last week but I just saw it - the NHL's new playoff commercial:

The concept follows the league's commercial earlier this year that followed a play around the rink with players from different eras playing in the different shot changes. It is simply a brilliant idea and all credit is due to the league for coming up with it. Hopefully they plaster it on every sports channel during every sporting event over the next week - not just Versus and NBC during the game.


The Dark Ranger said...

It is a great commercial. Agreed. Hey Scotty, nice new clean look -- a big improvement over the last format.
Have a great summer and we'll all be hearing from each other come July 1.


Rob said...

They had Messier raising it at 24 seconds in I believe. I love the commercial as well.