Friday, September 25, 2009

Fans Are Fans And We're All Fans

As I pointed out in the game wrap of the Rangers/Wings game, a guy showed up to the Garden wearing a Penguins Bill Guerin jersey and was given the proper Garden reception. Well, in case you didn't see it in the comments of that post, Stan said hi and I thought it was worth a post on it's own:
I am the guy who was wearing Billy G jersey. First of all i must thank all the Rangers fans for a great night! Even though i was rooting for Rangers and i know you guys like to feel important but its was not about you that night. It was about Detroit. Hope you guys enjoyed my Lets Go Pens chants, Geno Malkin score updates, and tons of other good stuff. I definately put on a show for all of you! I am Russian and a huge hockey fan and yeah i love Penguins and yeah we won the cup! The girl i was with was not my girlfriend though :-) Was at MSG last night as well watching Rangers take on Ovie great game. After the game met Marc Staal (Jordan's bro of course), Vinny Prospal, Michael Del Zotto, and Brian Boyle. Here is a link enjoy:
I'll be seeing you on Nov 30th when Pens take on Rangers! Hit me up on twitter @usbzoso
I have to admit, I can appreciate that: rub it in the Wings' faces that you beat them when it counted and root against them the first chance you get. Sure he shouldn't have been rooting for a division rival, just against the Wings (not the same thing) but that's ok. Stan had fun with the situation, didn't get upset and didn't act stupidly. Luckily (surprisingly) no Ranger fans acted stupidly either so it was just an enjoyable jousting.

Hockey pride is hockey pride and proud fans should certainly be appreciated.

As long as they aren't fans of the Islanders. Or the Devils. Or the Flyers.


Andrea said...

Same religion, different church.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking up my comments and making a post. Very well said, we are all hockey fans ... i mean better than golf! I've been living in NY for 12 years and totally know NY mentality. I knew i was going to get ripped at MSG for wearing Pens gear but decided to have fun with it anyway. I was wearing Rangers jersey during Caps game. (added a pic) Met Richard and his Dad, season ticket holders sitting in 340 section. Excellent guys, Rich was the one who pointed me to this blog. After the game i was at the Harringtons Bar just a block down from MSG on 7th Ave. Thats when the girl i was with (Allison) spotted Marc Staal who just arrived with Michael and Brian and two girls. Vinny showed up a little later. Very awesome guys, didnt have any issues with taking some pictures and signing our tickets. I got the boys a round of beer and told Marc he needs to take after his brothers and bring Lord Stanley to New York. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics. I will be sitting in section 340 on Nov 30th. If anyone of you wants to come say hi or punch me in the face whatever. :-) Very excited that season is about to begin. Best of luck to Rangers but i will be rooting for Penguins.

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord I look terrible in that picture lmao...but at least I am wearing a Rangers Jersey

Anonymous said...

here is a better picture for you but you cant see SCF patch :-) but you look good i mean real good hey everyone come see how good she looks!

Pete said...

I love hockey fans.

Scotty Hockey said...

She certainly is quite fetching. As Adam Z said over at Rangers Report, is there anything sweeter than a hot girl in a Rangers jersey?