Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preseason: Hartford 4, Lowell 3 (Shootout)

I have to make this quick as I am on a pay-by-the-minute computer that is slower than hell.

Can't freakin' believe that I had to pay full price yesterday - $112 for two seats - to watch that terrible clunker of a game and today's game was free. The teams were made up of all of the young guys fighting for spots and they worked their asses off, it was one of the most enjoyable games I've seen in ages (that wasn't NHL playoffs).

The Ranger brass was all there - Graves, Schoenfeld, Messier and Sather sat together a few rows behind me, Torts was on the opposite side talking to Gordie Clarke. Heard some of the Torts conversation, sounded like a scouting report on Michael Sauer. Sather spent his time chomping on his cigar on his blackberry. Messier was interrupted by every Ranger fan so I went and spoke to Schoenfeld, said it was nice to have him stay behind the bench. Schoeney gave me shit for booing Brashear, saying root for the guys who wear the jerseys now, not the ones who used to wear them. Sage advice, but Brash is still loathesome. He laughed. When I said how disappointing Boyle was, he said that Boyle was just one of the guys fighting for that spot, and that the team may still make a deal as "there are still some guys out there we're looking at."

As for the game itself, Heikkinen was every bit as impressive as Gilroy and MDZ were carrying the puck up from the blue line. Another defender, Sam Klassen, was my favourite player on the ice, at least until Dale Weise tied the game with a shorthanded goal in the last minute to force overtime. In the shootout Corey Locke and Paul Crowder had sexy goals - it was a best of five, not best of three, which was odd.

But it was great to win. More later on this one and on tonight's tilt between the big kids.


ScottyWhiney said...

Oh man, can't believe Schoenfeld didn't agree with you man. Maybe you should start booing him too? Get over it you loser.

AnonymousDouchebag said...

I need validation! Validate me! I never got enough attention as a child, so I go on blogs when I know I don't agree with anything the blogger has to say, and I flame them. It's all due to a small penis and a case of diaper rash that never went away.

ScottyWhiney said...

I feel bad for you AnonymousDouchebag, not only are those tough ailments to live with but your parents also gave you the name "AnonymousDouchebag". Must have been tough. My prayers are with you. Go with Christ.

AnonymousDouchebag said...

I know! I'm such a tragic figure. It's sad, really. Of course, I have all these issues that cause me to be a complete and total waste of's your excuse?

Via Con Dios

ScottyWhiney said...

My excuse for what? Your the one using a hockey blog as some sort of catharsis for your apparent problems, i.e. lack of validation, lack of penis size and reuccurring bouts of diaper rash. You specifically used the words "I" and "me" referring to yourself. Meaning you have all those problems. So I'm still not sure if this is the best forum for your problems. May I suggest a psychotherapist or perphaps a physician? As far as penis size there are many resources for you on the web. BTW, your posts have been COMPLETELY off topic and therefore inappropriate. Please stay on topic, which is Scotty is a whiner and can't shut up about Brashear.
Thank You.

Pete said...

AnonymousDouchebag is you, ScottyWhiney. He's everything you wish you weren't. The reflection that you see in the mirror and you laugh off because you think it's oh so clever and cool to be a troll, yet what you know deep down is just some type of bravado that you use to get your real-life frustrations out in cyberspace, where no one can hurt you. It's quite pathetic.

It's funny that you think ScottyHockey is so wrong for being a whiney loser, yet, if you didn't have something to complain about, you wouldn't even post here. Your identity is predicated on someone ELSE being a loser, so you can be an even bigger loser. A loser who has to make up clever anonymous names or just remain anonymous completely because, even though you're soooo right on the money about everything, you wouldn't dare be a real person and express those opinions.

There are plenty of people on this blog who call Scotty out on being a wrong or negative or pessimistic or just a plain douchebag, but they all manage to do it civilly. Trolls like you just want to do drive bys.

I was kind of sick of it, but, now, it's kind of amusing to see just how far you'll go, to actually have an argument with another imaginary person so you can be king of the jagoffs.

Well, here's your crown. I hope it feels awesome to be that much of a loser.

-Peter - aka AnonymousDouchebag

ScottyWhiney said...

My apologies for offending your boyfriend Pete, but please, stay on topic or I will have a moderator lock this thread.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Donald said...

Hey guys, I'm awesome, CAN'T WAIT to be donning Ranger Blue this year, see you there Scotty and Pete!

Scotty Hockey said...

Now children, play nice. I've never deleted non-Spam comments but when it gets to outright flaming each other (extreme amounts of douchbaggery) I may have to.

Don't make me turn this car around.