Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Saddest Hockey Card Of All Time?

I was looking around the evil eBay today and came across this card. I have it at home and must say that it is heartbreaking to look at. It is the 1975-76 O Pee Chee card of Eddie Giacomin with the traumatic note that he was "Sold to Detroit Oct. 31". Of note, the Topps version does not have the update.

In the Legends Of Hockey series, Giacomin and the Cat re-told the story of that direful deal and Eddie's emotional return the next game. Sure it saddens up your Sunday but it shows just how great Ranger fans are.

Side note: if you guys are interested, I can do more pieces like this about cards, jerseys or other Ranger memorabilia - I have a decent collection. Just let me know.


Garrett said...

Interesting post. I'd enjoy more memorabilia style posts, especially if it's jersey related.

william Peace said...

No interest at all. I

Andrea said...

I'd like to read memorabilia posts on slow hockey-news days. Why not! It's August and little is happening in the NHL.