Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tick, Tock: Torts & The Clock

I've been holding on to this for a lil while but, given Brooksie's piece today I want to offer a quick look at playoff ice times, courtesy of friend of the blog Joakim Norberg. Joakim did this research a few months back after a discussion we had about Mike Rupp's usefulness:

Googled through TOI/G for forwards on Stanley Cup winning teams the last few years and the fact is that most of the teams didn't carry too many players that were playing less than 8 mins per game. The trend as you see is that the championship teams don't waste too much valuable ice time on one-dimensional thugs when playoff time comes:

Bruins (Majority of forwards played between 20:07 - 10:34 TOI/G)
- Paille 8:43
- S. Thornton 6:57

Blackhawks (Majority of forwards played between 20:58 - 11:01 TOI/G)
- Fraser 8:23
- Eager 6:02
- Burish 5:34

Penguins (Majority of forwards played between 20:57 - 11:55 TOI/G)
- Dupuis 8:23
- C. Adams 9:44
- Satan 9:54

Red Wings (Majority of forwards played between 22:36 - 11:22 TOI/G)
- Hartigan 5:21
- McCarty 6:22
- Helm 7:30
- Maltby 9:47

Ducks (Majority of forwards played between 21:43 - 14:04 TOI/G)
- Carter 3:12
- Hartigan 3:34
- Parros 3:49
- Motzko 3:54
- Thornton 3:57
- Shannon 4:03
- Miller 6:59
- May 7:21

When Rupp won the Cup with the Devils back in 02/03 he had 11:28 TOI/G. Quite a difference with today.

The comedy of it all is that Glen Sather likely took Rupp's playoff experience into consideration when signing him in lieu of a goon who could contribute night in and night out like Konopka. So, rather than give Rupp a chance to use that experience and make things happen when they are most needed, Tortorella is giving him the Avery treatment. And it is not just the big guy who is being cast aside but Arty, Stu and Mitch as well - and who knows who else will be next as this series progresses.

Torts is playing with fire, burning out his top guys but that has been his modus operandi from his time with Tampa - burn the bridges down as long as they get to you where you want to go. But if they don't, then we are all certain to get burned.

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