Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Sunday Musings

Just a few random thoughts as I still struggle to accept that the Rangers won't be playing tonight:

*Still squarely place much of the blame for the end of the season on Tortorella. The lack of chemistry, the lack of offensive imagination, the overuse of certain players, the misguided accountability, the fire and brimstone intimidation act, the Avery alienation ...

*Wonder which players will have surgery this summer. The news should come out on break-up day tomorrow but my money is on Prust (shoulder) and Hank (knee). Bet Boyle pulls a Staal and admits he is still concussed, Dubi that his foot is still broken and Girardi that he needs replacement parts. G has to be a cyborg, the way he blocked shots, and his kid is too cute not to be manufactured in some plant somewhere.

*Really feel bad for the Sauer family. Kent was a draftee of the Nashville Predators who was forced to retire due to knee problems, Craig played in the NFL until a foot injury forced him into retirement, Kurt, the Coyote, hasn't retired but hasn't played since he was concussed in 2009 and Mike, well, no news in this case is likely bad news. Really hope to see him step on the Garden ice again, but it's probably best not to get any hopes up.

*Friend of the blog Karol pointed out that despite Zuke's denial that he is going to the KHL, the Russians have already announced his signing. Metallurg, the team the Rangers beat in the Victoria Cup a few years back, already features another former Blueshirt in Enver Lisin ... Really hope the kid gets a real shot to stick in the NHL, as long as it isn't with the Pens or the Isles (both great fits for him).

*Please someone, anyone, sign Del Zaster to a offer sheet and have the Rangers refuse to match. Pretty please. With a cherry on top.

*The Hockey News had Stefan Matteau, son of youknowwho, ranked 30th in their draft issue. Wouldn't that be something if the Blueshirts drafted him? Especially now?

*We have two more seasons of Mike Rupp. Think about that before begging Sather to start signing people this summer.

*For season subscribers like myself who asked for upgrades/downgrades, I was told that they will be setting appointments over the next month to have us come in and select our new seats. It will be in that 'transformation' room where Cosby's used to be.

*Go Kings Go. Been a big fan of Willie Mitchell since his Wild days and hope he sticks it to the franchise that drafted him.


Cbenny81ct said...

Definitely all good points and truths in that statement

Duniyadnd said...

The sad thing is that I have to consider the season is a success. I really didn't think they would make it this far with Torterella. Definitely thought they have the talent though to get the job done.

Dani G. said...

Great points. I hope the Kings pull it off.

Any time frame for the annual report cards?