Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yay Newsday!

While I feel that Newsday is inherently biased towards the Islanders - seeing as the Isles are a major advertiser and the Mausoleum holds the most viewed ads for Newsday - they do have Steve Zipay, who breaks most Blueshirts news before anyone else on his blog.

Today Steve had the roster for the Ranger prospect team that will play in the Traverse City Prospect Tournament. While they may not be good enough to win the championship again, it will be interesting to see how they play since there are a lot of questions there. Does Artem Anisimov or Bobby Sanguinetti have the skill to play in the NHL? Was Michael Del Zotto worth a first round pick? Did the wheels fall entirely off of last year's second pick, Antoine LaFleur? How has Tommy Pyatt and Ryan Hillier bounced back after injury-marred seasons?

We will certainly find out, and if not at Traverse City, then during the preseason, which Zipay found out will be broadcast in its entirety. That includes all six games over here and the two games in Switzerland, which is awesome news for us Ranger fans.

On a personal note, I will likely be attending those games in Switzerland, but not the season-opener in Prague which I spoke about so much in the past. The Rangers aren't making game tickets available for the NHL Premier games, just ridiculously-priced packages that cost more than season tickets. I'll have to pass ...

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The Dark Ranger said...

scotty- that blows! I thought of bringing my family over for the Prague games as well, but the Euro/conversion makes it unimaginable. Still not so happy about our opening in Prague, but it's certainly better than London.

wow...speaking of 'blowing' - this off-season is getting tiring.