Saturday, March 14, 2009

35-26-8: Thanks For Nothing Wade!

Please, someone put Wade "Out and Die" Redden out of our misery. Buy him out, send him to Siberia ... anything, just get him out of a Blueshirt. His contract is clearly the worst ever given to an NHL player and until Sather gets the dead albatross off of the Rangers this team will not win. It was primarily his fault they did not prove victorious in Philadelphia on Saturday, instead coming up short 4-2.

We are 69 (hehe) games into this season and Redden has not contributed well defensively (understatement of the year) and had just one important offensive play all season long (the shot in OT that Dru deflected for a game-winner against Chicago in January). Simply said, his horrible and his incompetence is making new partner Derek Morris look even worse then he already is.

When Redden stupidly pinched in the second period and the Flyers broke out on a 2-on-1, Morris looked lost in the middle. He watched the puck and managed not to cover anyone, leaving Richards alone on the doorstep to bang in a rebound.

When Redden couldn't keep the puck in the Flyer end in the third period, he stopped to admire one of his rare hits in the corner. After he crept back into position, he tried soft a one-handed stick check on Giroux that allowed the skillful kid to easily slide the puck to Asham in the slot for the goal.

This guy is a disaster.

*I understand that the broadcast team is paid by the franchise but for Sam and Joe to not get on Redden for his mistakes is just bad journalism. Martin Biron made some good saves to be sure, but so did Hank and Biron didn't do it behind a defense that included Redden. Sam and Joe instead decided to hang the win around Biron's net because of his inflated save number rather than where it belonged - Redden's mistakes and the continuing inability for the Ranger stars to score.

*Chris Drury and Brandon Dubinsky both have troubles putting the puck in but you can't lump the two together. Drury's experience helps him kill penalties where Dubi is at his best pressing the play by forechecking. And Dubi has yet to hit his prime, while Drury is clearly past his. I used to think it was Gomez who had no chemistry with a single teammate but now that Gomer found a comfort zone, it is apparent that Drury is uncomfortable unless the Islanders are across the ice from him.

*Nik Zherdev is in his prime but he is just an uncaring, unmotivated clown collecting a paycheck. When you go from dominating one night to disappearing the next two, three there is something very, very wrong. We saw it in Columbus, we saw it earlier this season and we saw it the last two games. If he had the killer instincts that most scorers have, Z would have put at least two pucks past Biron in this one - that half-empty net late in the second period was as much of a killer as the overruled Gomez goal (which was a fair call).

*Could you imagine if Orrsie actually scored on that great set-up from Bettsy and Sjo in the first period? Now that isn't comparable to Z's disgrace because a) Biron was in position to make the save and b) Orr isn't supposed to be a scorer. He uses his hands to beat people up. And he did that, knocking the snot out of that cementhead Cote.

*You guys asked for it, so I will say it - Go Borat. After giving the puck up on the boards on his first shift he comes back, blocks a shot and raced down to score on a breakaway. All credit given and due. That was naice!

*The Flyers equalized the game at one on a play that Hank grossly mishandled. He came all the way out to the top corner of his crease to make a save and kicked the rebound out across the slot where who else but Scotty Hartnell was cutting through and scored into an empty net. The game was virtually already lost when he gave up the softie to that renowned sniper Arron Asham.

*Of course, the Rangers stuck back with an almost identical goal by Sean Avery but it was too little, too late.

*I said it last game and I'll keep saying it: Sather needs to buy out Markus Naslund after this season.

*Shame on MSG, they cut out of replaying the ceremonial faceoff to show some old, unattractive Philly woman auditioning for an opera singing the national anthem. What makes it worse is that MSG rarely shows regular Garden singer John Amirante do the anthem - a man who can actually sing. I don't care that she fought cancer or that she was Gene Hart's daughter or what, she wasn't very good and there was no reason for MSG to include her in the broadcast. For a network that misses half of the faceoffs in-game, why show that unnecessary pre-game garbage?

*It was nice to see class act Pat Dapuzzo honoured before the game but I have a question - after he shook the hands of Drury and Richards, why did the two captains shake hands? That's just not right.

*Stat of the night: The Rangers had 16 missed shots to seven by the Flyers which means they took 57 to Philly's 36. The Flyers had 25 giveaways, the Rangers had 10. And the Rangers lost 4-2.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Mike Richards - one goal.
2-Arron Asham - two goals.
1-Martin Biron - 39 saves.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Scott Hartnell - It seems like every time the Rangers play the Flyers Hartnell plays a big part in the win. And now he has stupid hair.
2-Braydon Coburn - Coburn was a force on the Philly blueline and had 10 recorded hits. He was there to block seemingly every Ranger rush.
1-Asham - Anytime a grinder pots two goals he deserves an attaboy. Even if he is a former Islander, a former Devil and a continual pain in the Rangers' ass.


The Dark Ranger said...

Here we go again, Scotty....the complaints. The Redden. Feels like old times matey.

Unfortunately, I made the trek to/fro Philly this afternoon - 2 rows behind the home goal. To actually watch Redden up close makes it worse than we all know -- he looks around cluelessly, out of position and when he hits, he closes his eyes.....for real. THIS might be the problem....a defenseman who CLOSES HIS EYES!

I understand the next home game is a "Bring Your Own Hartnell Hair" Day -- so what we Rangers fans make fun of, they adore. Of course they do.

It hurt. Tomorrow perhaps we'll be surprised.


Anonymous said...

Z's 'disgrace'? I think that is misplaced, as Redden had already used up all the disgrace that was available to a particular team today.

Zherdev played a pretty good game in my opinion. Redden is one man wrecking crew - of his own team. He truly has the proven capability of turning the tide against NYR in games.

Anonymous said...

Z is a joke and the sooner the fans stop drinking the 'flair' flavored kool-aid, the better off. He is the biggest phoney in the league.

Pete said...

Call me a softee, but I am rooting for Zherdev. Mostly because I hate to see talent go to waste and I want more than anything for a young, talented scorer make the most of his opportunity (which may be why I heart Petr Prucha...who has had 4 points in 6 games with the coyotes, BTW, and 3rd most minutes on the ice tonight vs. Nashville). Along those lines, it was nice to see Antropov score another goal. It may turn out that Torts is the kind of coach a guy like Antropov needs to bring the best out of him, kind of like when Keenen put Kovalev up against the lockers, or so the tales goes. Though, with as many seasons as "borat" has behind him, I don't know if I can consider him a young player anymore. But the talent is there and it is nice that we get to see it work for us instead of against.

I am not sure that the Rangers will make the playoffs this year. If they don't, it will be 50% Glen Sather's fault, 40% Tom Renney's fault and 10% the players fault. Regardless, SOMETHING has to happen this summer to bring a legitimate sniper to the Rangers. For the record, I don't think that Jagr was that guy before, but the hockey pundits will say that the spot has been open since Jagr's departure. I just wonder who that player is going to be...and who Slats will deal away in the trade.