Saturday, March 14, 2009

Class Acts in Quebec

Now, I hate Mmmmmmaaaaaaarrrrrrrtttttyyyyyy more than most any NHLer not named Poti, Redden, Malik or Crosby and I am certainly going to give the Habs fans hell on Tuesday but what they did tonight for Fatso was a wonderful moment in NHL history.

If you didn't see it, the Devils topped the Canadiens 3-1 to secure Mmmmaaarrrtttyyy's 551st career win, tying him with St. Patrick Roy. That wasn't so great. What was great was the loud, prolonged ovation that the packed house at the Bell Centre gave Brodeur in recognition of his accomplishment. You can watch it with the final seconds of the game here.

Maybe it is because he is a hometown boy, maybe it is because the two teams aren't rivals, who knows? Honestly, I can't say that I would have cheered him had he reached the mark at the Garden so kudos to the Canadien fans for their class. This display ranks right up there with the notoriously tough Boston Garden fans giving Ron Tugnutt a standing o' after his 70 save performance for the Nordiques back in the day and rivals the display of virtue by Jarome Iginla after Trevor Linden's final game in more recent history.

So nice work Hab fans and congrats to Fatso, who remains an overrated and classless clown.


Anonymous said...

Even when a player makes NHL history, you still put him down. You are the one without class and you can now go back and defend that idiot Sean Avery who is a complete disgrace to the game.

Scotty Hockey said...

Disgrace how? By making the Rangers winners? By scoring two goals? By using language that is PG? Jealous that he has more personality in his little finger than the entire Devils franchise?

And my class extends to my team, not far beyond. I love hockey, but I love the Rangers more. Watch out Fatso, Sean's back ...

Anonymous said...

Personality? The Rangers and their fans are the ones who are constantly living in the past. Every time I attend a game where the Rangers are playing, 2/3 of their fans are wearing jerseys of players from the 94 era. Sean was decent in one game, but Brodeur has been great for over 15 years. Sorry you have to be jealous that the Devils do not have to wait decades to celebrate another Stanley Cup victory and have an organization that is run correctly.

Canyon of Blueshirts said...

Sean Avery is a disgrace to the game?

What about claude lemieux back in the day? What about Chris Pronger stomping on a player? Grow up. Find somebody else to talk about. If Avery is such a disgrace to the game, how come the NHL does everything than can to market him? What has ever actually done? Tell me, what has he done thats been so horrible that he's a disgrace? Everything involving him has been completely blown out of proportion by the same media that loves to market him.

Jealousy? Everything always comes down to jealousy with Devils fans. So predictable. Your living just as much in the past as Rangers fans with '94. All every Devil fan talks about is their cups. Well guess what? 2003 was 6 years ago. Your living in the past as well.


The Habs fans did a great service to hockey. I hate Marty more than anyone else in hockey, but it was a great thing what they did.

Did you notice Roy? Hah he didn't look to thrilled about it.

kels said...

I was a little surprised with the response in Montreal, only given what a tumultuous season they have had. But it was classy of them to look past it and honor their hometown guy.

Come on, we all know they love their homegrown boys. Vincent Lecavalier got cheers to rival any at the All-Star Game.

Why would it be odd that people continue to wear jerseys for some of their organizations greatest players? Do Devils fans not wear Stevens jerseys to games? Will there not still be 100s of Brodeur jerseys when he finally retires and goes to the Hall of Fame?

Anonymous said...

It always amuses me to find posts from "hockey fans" who hate players, but love their team. It's so typically american to display a tremendous amount of disrespect to legends, and defend "their team". In the end, Brodeur is one of the greats, and there really is nothing you can say to oppose that other than he regularly beats your team and you want to cry to mommy because he's better than your goalie. So "Scotty Hockey", go find yourself an american sport to follow because you lack both the class. I guess that's why Brodeur wanted the win in Montreal. A canadian boy, in a canadian town, for a canadian sport.

Canyon of Blueshirts said...
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Scotty Hockey said...

It always amazes me how polarized canadians are - half of them are the nicest, most accommodating people you will ever meet. The other half are obnoxious prigs who have a superiority complex. These are the same idiots who think Paul Henderson is a national hero for scoring a garbage goal in a series that his team should have dominated but instead were pigheaded (much like the last Anon poster) and believed that no one else in the world knew how to play the game so they nearly blew it.

And take a few seconds before you post Anon and check the stats I don't "want to cry to mommy because he's better than [my] goalie" because my goalie actually has the edge in head-to-head games 17-5-5.

Anonymous said...

True, it has been six years ago since the Devils won the cup, but not nearly as bad as going back to 94. Hell, to think about 94, the Devils fans have to go back and relive 3 Stanley Cup wins. Scotty, you are so full of yourself it is not even funny. When Brodeur was in net against the Islanders last week and allowed 6 goals against, you right away put up a post and mocked him. Where was the mocking post of Henrik when he allowed EIGHT aginst the Devils back in December? While I think Pronger is a disgrace to the game as well, Claude Lemieux never was hated so much by his own team to where he was banished and had to be saved by Glen Sather. Looks like that are two idiots that Glen has bailed this year, that idiot Avery and that soon to be in jail for fraud Plockington.

Scotty Hockey said...

I hate when people shoot their mouth off without knowing what they are talking about. "Where was the mocking post of Henrik when he allowed EIGHT aginst the Devils back in December?"

Actually if you read the post from that game, I did hang part of the blame on the eight goals on Hank. Most went to the terrible defense in front of him, which remains to this day.

And keep making fun of Avery, he'll keep helping us win.

Anonymous said...

Your so vain, you probly think this post is about you.