Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All Audio All The Time

Who says all interns do is fetch coffee and make copies?

Some of NPR's cheap summer help actually got to test their hand at journalism firsthand and they indulged their hero worship by interviewing Mike Richter. Can't blame them one bit; smart move kids. Scott Kanofsky and Willy Hameline caught up with the former netminder and wisely listened as he expounded upon his new tree-hugging profession. To hear how their final piece came out - click here.

To hear a more polished and experienced crew, make sure you check out NY Rangerscast. I added their link while back but neglected to pimp their wares, and it is worth pimping for those of you who dig podcasts.


Pete said...

A lot of people bandy about titles for Richter, such as "Best American Born Goalie of all-time" "Best A. B. Goalie of his generation," "Best Rangers Goalie, ever" etc, etc. I'm just curious how the people here feel about #35.

Personally, he is my all time favorite goalie, but I'm not well versed enough in the competition to argue for any of the titles listed above. All I know is that he was amazing to watch in net. He would stand on his head on a regular basis and he bent his body in ways it was never meant to bend. I remember watching the '94 season with my mom, and she would always yell at him through the screen because he was always too far out of his crease, and I'd always have to tell her "Ma, don't worry, he's got it covered." She swears watching him play has cut some years off of her life...but, as Ranger's fans, aren't we all victims of the same?

Scotty Hockey said...

I'll be honest, I wasn't a big fan of his. I loved Beezer and this baby-faced kid who gave up ugly goals took his job!

I was like your mom, screaming at Richter to stay near the net and going crazy when he let goals go in ebtween his legs. But, at the end of the day, I have to give him credit and say he may be the best American-born netminder - with a nod to Tom Barasshole. Richter won a Cup, won a World Cup and put up good numbers. As for best Ranger goalie ever, some of the early-era guys were quite incredible (Sugar Jim Henry, Bonny Prince Charlie Rayner, Davey Kerr etc.) and even though he didn't win a Cup, Eddie was a helluva netminder too.