Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Meanderings

We're getting close folks, can you feel it? The humidity in New York has slightly improved and a cool breeze is sweeping across the streets. Not long before we can feel the rush of artificially chilled air as we walk into Madison Square Garden.

As I sit hear enjoying my second favourite sport with some Prem football in HD on ESPN2, I figured I would talk a little about No. 1 hockey.

*First off, individual Ranger tickets will go on-sale on Saturday, September 12th at 10:00 am through the usual outlets. For those of you season subscribers, our tickets can be picked-up beginning Wednesday, September 2nd at 9:00 am.

*In addition to sending out that info this afternoon, the Rangers also released their *official* roster for Traverse City. Still no word on if the games will be televised but it would be folly for the NHL Network not to offer up coverage. I don't know about you but I've seen Pens/Caps 18 times already this summer.

*Speaking of folly and hockey, how about this Direct TV/Versus battle? How ridiculous would it be for the NHL to lose their primary national network because Comcast plays hardball with DTV? Times like this I am glad I have Cablevision, but only in times like this.

*I don't have any game-worn hockey jerseys but I'd imagine if I did - unless it was some kind of special jersey (like a 9-11 Rangers or a signed superstar like Hank) - that I would wear it. I have looked into the game worn market quite a bit this summer and it seems that most folks don't wear them. What about you?

*Zip is reporting that the Rangers are again interested in acquiring Mats Sundin. I'm not so sure that's a good idea. On one hand, Sundin on the power play with Gaborik will ensure that our special team doesn't suck as bad as it did last season. On the other hand it doesn't inspire confidence in either Brandon Dubinsky or Arty Anisimov. With double-A's play with us last season didn't inspire much of anything in me, I do think he has reached that make or break stage and deserves a shot.

*The New York Rangers Blog tracked down a story that the Blueshirts are looking to bring in another blueliner ... again. First it was Anton Babchuk, now Dennis Seidenberg. Mind you, both were part of a defensive corps that was said to be Carolina's Achilles heel and mind you that the Rangers have a half dozen young players trying to make the jump to Broadway. Is Sather hedging his bets, does he have no faith in the kids, or does he feel that he has to sign "every piece of garbage on the market"?? Idiot McGrath.

*If you are trying to plan your Christmas shopping this year, I recommend the book 100 Ranger Greats. It isn't out until the end of next month but I luckily got a preview copy. I will give a more detailed review at a later date but it will definitely be good for debate. They have a blog up here where they have the daily "This date in Rangers history" - well worth adding to your daily viewing.

*While I am shamelessly whoring stuff, has kept busy this summer with a bunch of photo slide shows. Of course Handsome Hank has a gallery, as does the camera-loving Avery but they also have the "Bad Boys" of hockey.

*Blair Betts still doesn't have a team for this season as Edmonton has immersed in money troubles (where have we heard that before?). If he can't have a reunion with Renney, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if New Jersey picks him up. Bettsy would be a good, cheaper version of John Madden, who headed to Chicago. That would suck, Shanny and Bettsy across the river playing for those clowns.

*As for another ex-player favourite of mine, anyone else excited to see Jed's return with the Sharks on October 19th? It will be his first game since Game 6 against Buffalo. Then again, I am almost as excited for the first preseason game against Boston on September 15th ...

*Keeping with Boston - they are keeping the Winter Classic rink up after New Years in Fenway and are planning on having a BU/BC showdown on it on Friday, January 8th. It just so happens that the Rangers play the Bruins the next day. Can you say road trip?

*Getting back to the top, the Liverpool match I'm watching was preceded by a moving rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone", which is simply awesome. It is a shame there is no singing of any sort at hockey games (Potvin Sucks doesn't count).

*A bigger shame is that hockey broadcasts are so much worse then football. Listening to this match has been a delight because you can actually hear the match! What a concept! No droning on by Al Micheletti, spouting off incorrect facts and analysis. No awkward banter. Just the facts. And the announcer mics aren't much louder than the nat sound from the stadium. You get an actual feel for what the live experience is like and hockey is best experienced live. Letting the broadcast breathe is a good thing, and something MSG - and the rest of the U.S. NHL broadcasters - would be smart to learn.


Anonymous said...

interesting article scotty - i read your blog regularly and enjoy the content. I watched the soccer game also (especially as I'm a huge Aston Villa fan being originally from there), and was thinking about the coverage compared to the hockey.

I think what helps the Premier league coverage is that they have tons of pitch-level effects microphones that they switch between when action is nearby. Something like that would seem to be easy to achieve at a hockey game.

I think what happens often with hockey is that the networks are too desperate to get fans into the game that they constant try to promote the game by talking rather than what you accurately suggest "let the game breathe".

bring on the hockey season!

Anonymous said...

Yes, NHL BETTER offer coverage. The crap they put on now is terrible.

As for teh Sundin thing, that shipped has sailed, and I , personally, do not want him here.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Idiot McGrath WTF does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Scotty, many Ranger fans claim that they will boo Brashear and hope he gets his teeth handed to him every time he fights. Has there ever been a Ranger before who was booed as MSG? And will you be booing Brshear also?

Bob MacKenzie said...

Scotty Hockey said...

Fully agree with you JC and NYR.

Anon1, it's a line from Slap Shot.

Anon2, I will guess you don't know us very well so I will answer it straight up. Yes, many, many players get booed at the Garden if we feel they sully the jersey in some way - either from laziness, stupidity or, in Brashear's case, being a detriment to the sport. I will certainly be one booing, the guy is an animal and should not be given the honour of wearing a Blueshirt.

And Bob - good stuff ...

Anonymous said...

I am not too familiar w the Garden or fans, but don't you think that they will boo Brashear for the first game or two until the flattens someone and then they will start cheering him?

Scotty Hockey said...

You are correct, most will be right on his side once he makes a good check or gets into a fight. But there will be a portion who won't and I will be among them. The guy is a criminal element that pisses on the classiest franchise in the game.

Unknown said...

all i have to say to you, is glory glory tottenham. oh, and can you remind liverpool to thank us for personally handing you all your asses on a shining silver platter in that first match?

Anonymous said...

They'll hate him again as soon as he takes a stupid penalty and they see he is too slow to catch anyone anyway. I hate watching Brashear disrespectfully wash his hands after a fight. I'll cheer for Orr when he comes to MSG. He always smiled after a fight, even if he lost. He is a class act.

Scotty Hockey said...

Noah - I said I respected Pool, I dont cheer for them. I'm a Gooner ...

Unknown said...

sorry my mistake. what i meant to say is
We hate Arsenal and we hate Arsenal,
We hate Arsenal and we hate Arsenal,
We hate Arsenal and we hate Arsenal,
We are the Arsenal Haters!