Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Luck Bettsy

Puck Central picked up on some tweets that Blair Betts will be trying out for the Flyers.

Well, that sucks.

Not for Bettsy, he certainly deserves a shot to stay in the NHL and it is a damn shame that the Rangers brought in a coach who believes that Henrik Lundqvist can take care of the defensive zone all by himself. Bitter much? Yes, yes I am. He was my favourite Ranger, after all.

All Bettsy did was give his heart and soul to the team, night in and night out - something very (VERY) few Rangers have done over the last two seasons. I still believe that he did more to deserve a letter on his chest than any of the shmos who wore one last season. After the idiot Brashear knocked him out, the Caps came back and scored two power play goals the next game. Coincidence? Not at all. But what's done is done and Bettsy's Ranger career is over.

As for his chances with the Broad Street Bullies, I would have to say that are slim. Up top they have Briere, Carter and Richards - all of whom can switch to wing but are natural centers - and then they have Claude Giroux, Ian Laperriere, Krys Kolanos and a couple of kids battling down on the bottom of the depth chart. The Flyers already had a good penalty kill (sixth in the NHL last year) and, let's face it, Bettsy doesn't bring any offense to the table. Honestly, as much as it hurts to say, I thought Betts would have been a much better fit for the Devils, as they let John Madden go this summer. But even if he doesn't make it to Broad Street, a good camp could land him offers elsewhere and that's all one can ask for. It will certainly be tough to see see him don anything other than a Blueshirt but hockey is a business and all that crap so at least the man has a shot to keep a job. And you certainly can't begrudge him that.

Best wishes Bettsy, and thanks for everything.


Author said...

I still laugh every time I see that Label "Sather's an idiot"

Also, for anyone that cares, Mark Bell has also been invited to Philly's camp

Anonymous said...

Freaking sucks My wife and I agree hands down other than Callahan last year this guy showed a lot of heart! More of what we need in a Blueshirts uniform. Myself I have been a life long fan and my wife has been brought into the fold via our marriage, It seems like every f-ing offseason I have to break the news to her about role players that seem to be ousted just to bring in an aging vet who looks great on paper but doesn't live up to the hype on the ice anymore. It pisses me off because yes like you Scotty I would like to see him back I much rather would see him going to the west i.e. Edmonton where he would thrive than to see him come down the road to Philthadelphia and potentially see him play against our club 6 times a year. I just cant always understand why heart players like Ortmeyer and Betts get run off this team just to fullfil a crazy contract that tries to get justified like Brashear. INSANITY!

Noah's Art said...

although i'm not AS down on brashear as you are scotty, signing him and not resigning betts was a real slap in the face to betts. he gets headhunted by brashear, the rangers lose arguably because he's out, then we sign the guy who headhunted betts, and hang betts out to dry? would have preferred to keep betts on the fourth line for $1m-ish, than brashear for $1.2m. offense clearly wasn't the issue because even blair betts brings more offense than brashear. it was a matter of rather playing with this guy than against him.

Pete said...

What's even worse is how does 1/2 of the most important, if not dominant, penalty killing line last season find himself in a position of having to TRY OUT for any team!?!? They raved about that pairing all year, I know because was forced to watch most of the games on the non-rangers feed. No one though this guy was worth an offer? Tampa Bay can't use any extra help? I mean, sweet Jesus. I don't think Blair Betts will be able to sit down for the entire 2009-2010 season, since the Rangers pounded his ass so hard.

Anonymous said...


Dan LD said...

They got rid of the team's best penalty killer and brought on a guy who's going to do nothing but take egregious penalties.

Pete said...

Ever notice how the flamers never have a named account? Always anonymous. I dare say if you didn't allow anon. posts, we'd have a much friendlier forum here. Unfortunately, we'd also lose a lot of valid points of view as well. It's a shame.

Author said...

(in reference to other comments not the original post)

As much as I'd prefer Orr over Brashear any day of the week - the NYRs need a fighter dressed every night. Especially when other teams in our division have guys like (Godard, Rupp, Cote, Lapiererre + cheap shot artists like Pronger)

So if you are pissed off about the Rangers not signing Betts fine, pissed off that they chose Brashear over another fighter then fine. But this isn't a matter of the Rangers choosing Brashear over Betts. Betts' replacements is going to be whoever plays the 4th line center position - likely Boyle. I'll withhold my judgment on that one until I'd seen the former 1st rounder play a few games in NY

ccmas said...

Worst thing ever. Betts could have easily been on the third line. He's got size, speed, some good hands, and plays the PK like a madman. Complete waste of one of the most solid post-lockout Rangers. And all this before I was able to get my Betts jersey...BOOO SATHER.