Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traverse City Video

No thanks to the NHL. All credit to Hockeysfuture.com:

I watched it twice, then looked up the roster and yep, that's Grachev (59) making the best play making room for himself in front, spinning and scoring. In another cut you get a glimpse at the speed of Ryan Bourque (60) and free agent tryout Luke Pither (67) seemed quite involved in a few of them.

Damn NHL Network yet again for being cheap. I mean, it's great that the network exists at all but, as my dad always stressed to me: if you are going to do something, do it right!!


Anonymous said...

The NHL network is a waste of broadcast bandwidth.
Their nightly 'review' program isn't even in HD.
It would have cost them very little to cover this tournament - but they 'cheaped out' and continue to put up the same tired replays. Stuffing a tape into a machine is certainly cheaper than sending a crew (and remote truck) to TC. If 'a la carte' channel choices were available, most people would drop this channel in a heartbeat.
Sad, really. Very sad.

Pete said...

That was some nice work Grachev did at the top of the paint. That's the type of shit we need to see on the Rangers this season. Who's our top line center again? Oh...we still don't have one.