Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playoff Ticket Plans

Seeing as Mmmmaaaarrrtttyyyy has such trouble beating Hank, the Devils found a new way to beat the Rangers ... through the front office:

The Blueshirts' ownership has demanded that season ticketholders pay for all four games of a series right off the bat and prefers you they for all four games of all four potential series. As we are not getting home ice, that is guaranteed money back and as we will quite possibly will not play in the postseason at all, there would be a full refund. In mid-summer they will either give the cash back for games not played or put the money towards next season's tickets.

Meanwhile, across the river, the Devils are offering up a new program:
Hello Devils' Fan,

The New Jersey Devils are offering a brand new option to get you in on the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff action! For the first time ever, we are introducing the “Pay as We Play” program.

Benefits of this unbelievable program include:
- Tickets to all Stanley Cup Playoff home games
- Only pay for games as they are confirmed to be taking place (So for right now, only pay for Games 1 and 2)
- $150 or $100 Food and Beverage Credit (based on seat location) for every 2 seats purchased
- Guaranteed same seats throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs (including the Stanley Cup Finals)

Tickets are available starting at just $40 per game in the upper level and $90 per game in the lower level.

New Jersey Devils
Prudential Center
165 Mulberry Street
Newark, NJ 07102
973.757.6370 (fax)
New Jersey Devils Hockey
Stanley Cup Champions 1995, 2000, 2003
It is such a shame that a) they are the Devils and b) they play in Newark because that is a great deal.


The Ranger Pundit said...

Its class vs crass.

Ilikebeinganonymous said...

Didn't Queen Henrik get pulled against the Devils last month when they lost 6-3 to the Devils? I do not remember a time when Marty and Henrik played against each other that Marty got pulled. If I am wrong, please let me know the exact game then. Season series is tied this year, so I wouldn't brag about the Queen owning Brodeur this year.

drew said...

yep, its a true that the dolans suck. but its also business, rangers fans will stay pay no matter what as we are actually a fanbase.

devils fans, on the other hand, are few and far between. so, they need to do gimmicks like these to sell tickets.

i see the same thing watching games on center ice where teams like atlanta or florida have to do ridiculous promotions like all you can drink nights and so forth.

while its good that we all root for a team that has such a following, it blows that we have to pay more because of it. but alas, its capitalism...

Anonymous said...

Yea the Hurricanes did that exact same "pay as we play" thing last year... So basically the Rangers wanna hold onto your money for a few months, probably put it in an interest bearing account and profit on the possibility of playoffs... nice

Mark Bonatucci said...

Pay as they play is great, we've had it in DC the past two years. Further it makes sense from a business and revenue recognition perspective under GAAP. Of course if you want to be a bank and make money off the float then you go the way of.. That said one would think in an election year y'all could get NY AG Coumo to look at how the Rangers are handling your money that they are holding, especially for that fourth game that will never be played. Seems like some sort of monopolistic/unfair business practice. Ticketmaster would be prohibited from doing something like that, seems the team should be too.

Anonymous said...

Pay as you play makes great business sense; unless you team is not going to play and if they do manage not for very long

Duniyadnd said...

@drew - Dolans and business in one sentence?? please...