Friday, December 3, 2010

15-11-1: Well That Doesn't Happen Often

The Blueshirts blew two two-goal leads during a sloppy game against a hardworking rival ... and they won anyway. How about that? The Rangers prevailed over the Islanders 6-5 in a disjointed affair on Thursday night.

Just going to jump into it:

*It was the opener of a home and home, which is so properly named as the Rangers are playing a pair of home games. There were more people rooting for the team playing against the Rangers when the Pens were in Garden on Monday than there were in the Mausoleum on this evening. The Ranger goal song was sung, Potvin Sucks was whistled and 'DP Sucks' thundered around the building. The mass of True Blue, combined with the fact that it wasn't a sell-out, really shows what a horrible franchise the Islanders are. They should move. Or fold. Either or.

*The goaltending was atrocious but neither netminder received much help. We got to see just how 'good' Biron truly is when the team isn't the shot-blocking, defensive dynamo in front of him. It was mentioned in this space that he would be nothing without the boys playing the way they had in front of him and he proved it on this evening. Point for me. Point for John Tortorella too as somehow seeing Biron yanked reinvigorated the Rangers.

*The two soft Russians have been busted down the lineup and they have yet to show they care about it. They are both playing on the periphery and spending more and more time on the bench. Rightly so. How soon until Frolov and Anisimov are benched? If you ask me, the sooner the better. Perhaps an injection of Whale will help invigorate the roster ... Dale Weise anyone?

*Speaking of pulpous people, I saw Mr. Softie The Backstabber staring daggers at his linemate Sean Avery on several occasions but the addition of the Grate One was perfect on this night. The 'top' line is balanced with a grinder, a playmaker and a sniper. Avery made things happen and made room for his new mates and, in turn, his new mates had the speed and skill to keep him onsides. They accounted for four goals and five assists. Not too shabby.

*The opposition may hate him, his teammates may not like him but Avery is more important to this team than anyone outside of Henrik Lundqvist. When Avery is Avery the Rangers are winners. It has been this way since he came to New York (the first time) and is the reason why us fans adore him so. So all of you fine fans of other franchises, hate him all you want because we will take him being ... acerbic ... any/every time.

*It was amusing watching that fat troll of a AHLer Jon Sim try to goad Sean into some kind of stupidity and credit to Sean for avoiding it.

*But the funniest moment was between Michal Rozsival and P.A. Parenteau. Late in the third period the two went back and forth deep in the Ranger zone and the whistle blew. They got together on the endboards checking and shoving before the midget Parenteau looked up at Rozy and the two broke into a smile and laughed. "Oh, I didn't know it was you, sorry bout that." He also lined up across from Brandon Prust at one point and the two started jawing, then giggling.

*Sadly Derek Boogaard fought Trevor Gillies instead of Zenon Konopka, because Konopka would have fought like a man. Gillies challenged the champ and clearly couldn't keep up and inflict his share of damage. The guy is a joke - a pretender - while Konopka is a top-five tough guy. Sadly Boogaard has never shown Mike Sauer how to properly defend himself. Sauer now has three NHL fights and zero wins. But good for the kid for trying. Of course, when his team is setting up in the offensive zone probably in't the best time to do so but he is a rookie.

*The other rookie, Derek Stepan, needs to be a bit more proactive himself. Now paired with Dubi and Cally, Step seems to spend too much time watching them work rather than helping out. The kid has poise beyond his years, that is for sure, but if he raises his battle level to match the other Blue Bloods we will have one helluva line.

*I was at the game working as a photographer and if I can get permission from the publication, I will post some of the shots here one of these days. Surely there is more to talk about tonight but the boys are right back in action Friday night so we will call it here. See you at the other Ranger home ice, the Garden.

*PHW Three Stars
3-Blake Comeau - one goal and one assist.
2-Sean Avery - three assists.
1-Marian Gaborik - three goals and one assist.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Parenteau - P.A. played with a chip on his shoulder against his former team, even if he couldn't keep a straight face.
2-Gaborik - Hat tricks are awesome.
1-Avery - That hat trick wouldn't have happened had Gabby not lined up alongside Avery, who played one of his best games of the season.


Derek B Felix said...

Ugly win but there are no style points. They better come harder tonight. Road team has fared well recently in this series. Other than that, what about the laziness of Dubinsky, failing to take Moulson and caught coasting on tying goal? He's such an enigma.

Rob said...

So speaking of "folding," I'm sure you didn't see it while working the game but Avery and Boogie were taking turns sitting on a folding chair at the end of the bench, which was already so short that Henrik was in the hallway to the locker room to start the game. I'm sure it's always been there but I cannot remember ever seeing a folding chair on the bench.

In other news, from the exterior shots they showed during the Missouri/Georgetown basketball game the other night, the Sprint Center in KC looks awesome and just waiting for a team lol

Brother P said...

went to the game last night, sat directly on the glass for a hundred bucks. Could NEVER get a seat like that for a hundo at the garden. Plenty of seats available last night. My buddies and I saw some scalpers outside the dump and they said tons of Rangers fans tonight. He was right. The goal song was sung often. Biron was terrible last evening. Luckily DP was just as bad. Looking forward to this evenings game.

Dave W said...

I'll be there tonight with my Avery jersey on. Woo!

Anonymous said...

we got lucky considering the Islanders seemed to want it more