Saturday, December 11, 2010

17-13-1: Rangers Have No Teeth Against BJs

The Blueshirts lost to Columbus tonight 3-1. Didn't get to see it, didn't get to hear it. Caught the highlight, scoured the numbers and kept up with twitter feeds so a few notes:

*Horrible soft goal given up by Hank - there is no defending that. But to hang him with the loss when the Rangers scored all of one goal against the Blue Jackets is ridiculous. They were essentially the same team that the Rangers racked up seven on last season and Mason had given up at least two goals in 14 of his 17 prior appearances this season. But the Rangers netted one. Just ... one.

*The Rangers were dominated in the faceoff dot (again), the Ranger power play went just 1-5 and Alex Frolov inexplicably received more than 15 minutes of ice time despite doing nothing to deserve it except whine to Russian media. You have to figure Torts was showcasing him for a trade and you have to wonder who in the hell would take him at this stage in his career. But someone took Kotalik so you never know.

*Nice of Mr. Softie the Backstabber to take a penalty to allow Columbus to tie the game just when the Rangers appeared to take control of the action. He was beat on a faceoff 28 seconds prior... and the Dubi promptly lost the faceoff on the penalty kill. The team ranked 25th in the league at the dot entering the night. Think Yanic Perreault is willing to come out of retirement to take a draw or two for us? And even more ridiculous, as Sather wanted a tough guy, had he grabbed Zenon Konopka instead of Boogey we would have one of the best faceoff guys in the league.

*Think it is a coincidence that the Rangers scored their lone power play goal when MDZ was not in the ice, despite the kid skating 4:29 with the man advantage?

*Who knew Rick Nash was still in the NHL?

*I will be back in the States Sunday night so we will be back to regular wraps for the Caps.

*PHW Three Stars
3- Samuel Pahlsson - 18-3 record in faceoffs.
2- Steve Mason - 32 saves.
1- Rick Nash - two goals and one assist.

Your Three Stars


Anonymous said...

It was hard finding a feed at school so had to listen to the radio, but was able to see Christensen's penalty. It wasn't a penalty even in the least bit. He was next to the guy and reached out for the puck and the guy drops his stick, 2 min for slashing..Ridiculous

Mark de Zabaleta said...


Marc De Zabaleta

Anonymous said...

Phanton Call on "the Backstabber" the Jacket player just threw his stick and the ref, behind the play bought it.

Still no excuse for being dominated in the faceoff circle. Plus I think the Rangers had no answer to the Jackets physical play, they were hit all night.

Graying Mantis said...

Anonymous was right. Should have been an unsportsmanlike penalty it as so blatant.

Also, getting tired of the hate directed toward Christensen. Avery is neither a good person or player. Anyone watch him out there last night? The guy has red-line blindness as he continues to ruin rushes up the ice with offsides. Also, he made 2 if not 3 egregious passes in front of Henrik which got intercepted.

This guy a write-in for the all-star game? F'ing ridiculous. He has one good game every 5 or 6.

Craig said...

I am really disliking Christensen after this game. He is SUPER soft! after the play stopped, 2 Bluejackets were trying to push Cally around and christensen was the closest guy to even it up and you could see him shrink away. Fuck HIM! dont stick up for cally and you are instantly in the dog house! especially after Avery having your back after you called him out.

I was even more pissed that the ref called slashing when it clearly was not. Especially late in a tied hard fought game. The dude DROPPED his fucking stick. i think that deserves an email by colin Campbell. Watched the Columbus feed on center ice, they didnt mention the weakness of the call at ALL! fuckers...

Soft goal big time but we need to bury some chances. Dubi missed an easy open net with goalie sprawled but put it right into stacked pads. no finish lately! sorry to say he is regressing to inconsistency again.

craig said...

ps...the title of your post scotty reminds me of the NWA song "Just dont Bite it" from the early 90's. if you havent heard that, try to find it. it may be too explicit for public sites posting it. (youtube, pandora etc.) but funny as hell. especially for a 12 year old me at the time.