Monday, April 25, 2011

A Monday For Mourning

After the Canucks lost last night, Vancouver fan Miss Kelli tweeted, "first person to say, 'It's only a game,' gets curb-stomped." I think many of us are empathetic to her, I know I am. That was just the emotion that I felt after the Rangers fell on Saturday. But I think it has begun it's transition from rage to simple sadness. As I walked out of work last night the security guard said to me, "sorry 'bout your Rangas man. Next year, next year.' And all I could do was shrug and thank him. The anger was gone, but hope clearly has not filled the void just yet.

Before it can, at least for me, there needs to be analysis, reflection and a bit of mourning for what could have been. Even though expectations from this corner were not high, there was always that little voice in the background that wished for (actually demanded) more. It led to the brand of harsh criticism that fills this space, and I can not thank all of you enough for reading it and adding your $0.02.

The fourth season worth of Scotty Hockey coverage will wrap up much the way the last one did, with a Facts Of Life look at every player and then the annual report card. Should the real world allow, there may also be coverage of the Cup Finals. So just to wrap this up, thanks again for stopping by, sucks that the Rangers' season is over and this blog ain't goin' nowhere so y'all come back now, ya hear?


Mike said...

I know how you feel, but let's not forget that this was "rebuilding" and getting a lot of young players a lot of playing time. Most of them passedthis trial by fire early in the season but faded down the stretch (as most rookies do) if Slats can actually sign anyone of use this summer, the Rangers will move up in th standings.

Schram said...

Thanks Scotty for another great year of Ranger hockey blogging. Thankfully I could always rely on your blog this year to see why we shouldn't fall in love with this poorly constructed team. I'm still upset after watching King Henrik on the bench and during his interview. Let's just hope we don't have to suffer watching McCabe and Drury next season and hope Callahan and Girardi will be completely healed. Thanks again for the blogging this year.

Chris said...

This was my 2nd full season following ScottyHockey. Gotta say that I love reading it.

Yeah, sometimes I think you're overly critical, or dont agree with your opinion of certain things. But you know, someone has to be 'that guy' when it comes to criticism, and disagreeing on things is just part of life and the different ways that people see the same situation unfold.

Most of the time that people hate on you (love the anonymous posters) its because youre just pointing out the truths that most people dont want to hear... and again, somoene has to do it.

You do it proudly... and that is why I continue to visit.

Dave W said...

Thanks for another year, Scotty.

This blog is a realist view of the Rangers. And the real view is that they are extremely mediocre aside from the King.

We hope one day they can be great and if you read all year, you see that those sparks of life and pieces of the puzzle are there, in between the dreck, waiting to be put together. Just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

yes, thanx Scotty for the REAL view

I read so many Ranger blogs, because im clearly obsessed, and they all seem to be drinking the Tortorella Kool-aid, so its a pleasure to read your, honest, realistic view, of this mediocre team, with a teerrible coach and incredible goalie.

For me, worse than the Rangers losing was the news of Tortorella's 3 year extension.

I just hope things will improve in spite of him

Kingrich45 said...
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Kingrich45 said...

Hey props for keeping up the blog so well, not being in NY anymore this is the best way for me stay in the loop with Rangers happenings.

Looking forward to the facts of life, unfortunately I agree with the puck daddy eulogy way to much.

As capgeek says, its a numbers game, and as that graphic with points reveals we are losing terribly in that numbers game, pay to productivity is an inverse relationship and there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel. So Hank and Drury have the exact same amount of assists ?!?! and Drury only had 1 goal the entire season, I realize he was hurt for a good part but when your high paid "Captain" has the same offensive numbers as your goaltender things are really wrong.

s2404 said...

Thanks for a great read throughout the season Scotty - love the perspective without the sugarcoated analysis.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to the report cards!

Scotty Hockey said...

Thanks everybody, really appreciate the kind words.