Friday, April 8, 2011

Such A Deal!

Do you want to bring a little bit of the Garden home to you?

Do you want to bring friends around to see a piece of the self-proclaimed World's Most Famous Arena?

Do you want something that has had beer, soda, gum and who-knows-what spilled all over it in your house?

Do you want to sit in an hideous teal or purple chair?

Do you want to walk into your living room every day and be reminded of the greed of James Dolan?

Well today is your lucky day my friend! Because the Garden - through their partner Steiner Sports Gifts & Collectibles - has the item for you!!

A used seat from Madison Square Garden! For the low, low price of $549.99 (plus tax) you can watch the Ranger games like you are right in the building. No more travelling to New York City. No more standing in line for the bathrooms, for the concessions, for the souvenirs. You can sit in your seat right at home for just $549.99 (plus tax)!!!!!!!

Not good enough? Well - for a limited time only ... YOU GET 10% OFF! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!

That is just $494.99 (plus tax)!!!!!!!!!!!

$494.99 (plus tax). Now seriously, where else are you going to find a deal like that? Yankee Stadium seats go for $799 and they play in the Bronx.


This is YOUR opportunity to get a fragment of midtown Manhattan, a portion of the World's Most Famous Arena!! And for just the low, low price of $494.99. Plus tax.

Such a deal! How can you resist?

Warning: MSG and Steiner Sports are not responsible if you destroy your television watching the Rangers and/or the Knicks. MSG and Steiner Sports are not responsible if you destroy your hearing listening to Joe Micheletti. MSG and Steiner Sports are not responsible if your friends and family start hitting you up for money because they realize you are a sucker.

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