Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is Kane Able?

The Hawks signed 2007 top draft pick Patrick Kane to an entry contract today, pretty much assuring the No. 1 pick a shot at their roster this fall (full story here).

Mark my words now - barring Bill Wirtz being, well, Bill Wirtz - the Chicago Blackhawks will be in the playoffs within two years and will challenge for the Cup within five. The accumulation of young talent is impossible to ignore - Tuumo Ruutu (when healthy), Jon Toewes, Jack Skille, Kane, Brent Seabrook, Cam Barker, Duncan Keith ... they are all so good, and so young. If they can keep Khabibulin or can replace him with another top netminder, that squad could turn out to be sick. Of course, keep in mind my disclaimer because Wirtz has proven he doesn't care much about the product he puts out on the ice, just his bottom line. Let's hope that he sells the team or goes senile so the Hawks can take off - after all, the NHL needs healthy teams in top markets.

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