Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Stars And Stuff

Just a quick note on the ASG - I've been asked of my opinion of the starters or who the reserves should be by a few people but I am going to hold off until the full rosters are released.

Two quick notes though:
1 - As they try to get every team represented in the ASG, the Rangers rep is highly likely going to be Hank, despite his recent struggles. However, I wouldn't be shocked if Rozy got a spot due to his 11 goals and the East's weak defensive corps.

2 - West starting goaltender Roberto Luongo opted not to play to be with his pregnant wife. Mirtle, who already picked his All Stars, gives Luongo's spot to Chris Osgood of the Wings. He had already picked Nabokov and Bryzgalov. As much as I am a fan of Bryzgalov's, I think the nod has to go to Pascal Leclaire of the Blue Jackets. He is day-to-day with a knee injury but he has seven shutouts ... for the Blue Jackets!!

Oh, and before I crash for the night, Mirtle also pointed out a bench-clearing brawl in Russia (which I am embedding below). I think A- its good to see that kind of hatred between two teams, B- you will never see that in the NHL ever again and C- I thought that some of the camera positions in the NHL are bad ... it looks like they are trying to catch the action from Siberia. Check it out:


Woodside Acres said...

So what do you think for tonight? I have never seen a team juggle lines like the Rangers this year. How can you get chemistry if you keep changing the damn lines?

The Dark Ranger said...

nothing like the good 'ole days of hockey fighting. tonight was a sad night against philly.

pucks...bad coaching, eh?