Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

With the Rangers off and a long Monday at work, I didn't post anything yesterday so today I feel like I was all lazy and stuff. To make it up to y'all, I will post two today - tonight's game wrap and this. So, what is it? Not a Faith No More song, but some odds and ends that I've found/saw/thought/whatever:

*The guys at Way Offside came up with a great term for the idiocy that has been perpetrated by the Flyers Steve Downie: Downie's Syndrome. Love it.

*According to Larry Brooks' article today in the Post, Tom Renney said, "Going 0-2-1 was disappointing. There are things I like, but part of our game seems to have vanished." Part?!? The Rangers got embarrassed out west, I would say most of their game was gone.

*Speaking of the Post, apparently they have an online blog too, called The Blue Seats. Apparently I had looked at it before but had discarded it, and looking again I can see if was for good reason: It isn't written by Brooks, it is two nobodies at the Post that write a fan blog. While I do greatly appreciate fan blogs (*ahem*), I don't want one from an accredited news source. As crappy and in-the-bed-with-the-Islanders as Newsday as, Steve Zipay's On The Rangers Beat does a magnificent job of blogging, well, on the Rangers beat. If I wanted a little bit of opinion with my information, then Sam Weinman's Rangers Report is the place to go. But, not only are the writers at The Blue Seats mediocre, they are also being unprofessional as the Post is supposed to be MSM (MainStream Media).

*If you haven't been keeping up with Zipay's On The Rangers Beat, he pointed out the possibility that the Rangers could open the season in Sweden, although its far from a done deal. While I thought a Czech vacation would be great, Sweden would be even better and it wouldn't hinge on the Rangers keeping Jagr in the offseason ... It also would likely be in one of the coolest-looking arenas I've ever seen.

*Now I don't speak Swedish, and I definitely don't speak Czech, but nonetheless I've been invited to help out over at The Dark Ranger's page. I haven't written anything for him yet, but you can be sure I will link Scotty Hockey to whatever I write, if only for the whoring, I mean, ego boost, lol.

*I kinda laughed at the play, but it appears that Marty Straka really did give himself a concussion in Edmonton. Feel free to clink the link for more info on the Rangers heading into tonight's game against Tampa Bay.

*The NHL announced the starters for the All Star Game. For shame to 'lil lundqvist lover' and the other Ranger fans out there - Marty Brodeur beat Hank for East starter by 45,000 votes. Not that many people will watch the thing on Sunday, January 27th at 6 p.m. in Atlanta, but whatever. I stand by my musing that the All Star Game should be the annual outdoor game but that cannot happen until 2011 (next year's ASG is in Montreal as part of their Centennial Celebration and there likely won't be one in 2010 due to the Vancouver Olympics).

*Stories like this never get old. So great to see ...

*One last thought before I get going - Mirtle presented an interesting idea to extend overtime to 10 minutes. As strange as it seems, I am actually really intrigued - if only to avoid some shootouts (I still think we need to avoid three-point games but that is for another blog, another time). Mirtle makes a great argument for extending the four-on-four; what do you think?


The Dark Ranger said...

Shout out to you and thanks as hundreds of readers are pulling out their Czech/English dictionaries. Looking forward to a little Scotty action -- you will bring more civility to our Dark-gers.

Loser Domi said...

@ the dark ranger: from what I could glean from broken internet translations, apparently he is known in English as "Springtime Jagr." For some reason, this amuses me to no end.

Scotty Hockey said...

TDR - I will give it my best, just point me in a direction and I will rant away.

LD - Springtime Jagr? Isn't that a song from the Producers?

Loser Domi said...

"Springtime Jagr? Isn't that a song from the Producers?" Perhaps, I don't know. It sounds like something edible, like a dessert or something.