Sunday, January 27, 2008

NHL All-Star Game

I am going to try this again, a live-ish blog of the festivities in Atlanta. Yesterday's was horrid, and I am not expecting much out of today but I gotta give it a try, right? So here we go with random thoughts on the game itself and the state of hockey right now ... Yet again, I didn't make it very far, after the first period ended 5-1, I decided I don't care anymore. Sorry folks. At least the Rangers play again on Tuesday vs. Carolina ...

*First off, after I stopped yesterday out of disgust, Dubi and Marc Staal went on to be the best players in the YoungStars game. Chicago's Pat Kane looked good too, but our budding Blueshirts were fantastic. How great is that?

*I read two articles today worthy of linking for y'all to read, both came courtesy of Kukla: Red Fisher, probably the most respected hockey scribe on the planet, blasted the ASG while honouring its past while Larry Brooks - he of the outrageous comments - tore apart the state of play in the NHL and I just can't disagree with him this time. Its a good read, and he adds on that the Rangers are going to do something with Malik ... which is just nice to hear; let's hope it happens.

*The Hives open the show? Are you kidding me? Granted its the same crappy song every arena blasts at top volume ad nauseum, but they stink and have no real ties to hockey or to Atlanta.

*Already the camera work is making me sick to my stomach. It is a pathetic attempt by Versus to ape Mtv style and they are doing it so poorly with these incessant zooming in and out that I am getting ill.

*This is hilarious watching the announcing of the All Stars - most of them didn't smile or even acknowledge the crowd. *sarcasm* This is truly a event for the fans. *sarcasm* Hell, most of the people in the crowd aren't even clapping, this is just pathetic.

*These jerseys are really bland and lame. Did Bettman just have some tailors modify the old NBA ones? Why does he feel the need to mimic his old employer? It isn't like they

*National anthems ... I love that they have someone sing the Canadian anthem, but she had to weak of a voice to give it any impact, blah.

*If nothing else to come out of this All-Star joke, D.P. is hurt and gave up the first goal of the game. Muah hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

*Not even a minute in and this game is already a mockery. I don't know how much I longer I can keep going on this. To save a lot of time, just click here and here for some choice words I would use.

*So without the announcers actually talking about the game-action, and no accurate list of the lines, I have no idea who is out on the ice and I have money riding on Jason Spezza being the game's high scorer so this is annoying.

*Back to the jerseys ... did someone actually think they looked good? I am getting a headache looking at them. How do you make white as a colour clash?!?

*Ovie scores the fourth goal of the game and Versus cuts into and out of four different angles of replays so you don't actually see the goal once. Ho/why does Comcast keep this network going? I mean seriously, aside from the weak production value, they are advertising Extreme Cagefighting during play. Ugh!

One last thing, to add to the unfunny joke that is the game, naming Eric Staal as the MVP of the game was ridiculous. He wasn't the best player by any means .. Rick Nash gets a hat trick, Evgeni Nabokov has a shutout period with two outstanding saves and Marc Savard scores the game winner but they give it to the coverboy of EA NHL 08 instead. What a waste of time.


Anonymous said...

Amen. What the hell was that joke of entertainment between the 2nd and 3rd. Marching bands in the NHL? give me a break.

Loser Domi said...

I agree with you on the MVP going to Staal--that was crap.