Friday, February 8, 2008

27-24-6: Quack, Quack, Quack Mr. Renney

The New York Rangers are two different teams - the one when Jagr is on the ice and the one when he isn't. There is no clearer example than in the third period of the 4-1 loss to the Ducks tonight. Already down 3-1, Mathieu Schneider took a holding penalty. The Rangers 'second' power play unit took to the ice, and battered the Ducks - pinning them in deep while getting chance after chance. Instead of keeping them on for an extended shift, Renney put the Jagr unit on and the Rangers passed the puck around, getting no chances, while eventually passing the puck away. Jagr turned the puck over and Todd "The Paralyzer" Bertuzzi scored to put the game out of reach. Jaromir Jagr should not be the captain of this team, hell, he should not even be on the team.

Renney ranted and raved how Jagr doesn't go down when battered, how he won't take a dive ... well that goes to show that his personal pride is more important than his drive to win. If you will do anything to help your team win, then falling when a guy is mauling you is a necessary evil. Until the Rangers get a leader who will do anything to win, they won't go anywhere.

Other notes:
*I was one of the biggest supporters of Ryan Hollweg but enough is enough, he has to go. In his first game back from a suspension for a stupid, selfish hit, Hollweg made another selfish play that cost the Rangers. This time, he was attacked by Ryan Carter midway through the third period. The Rangers were down 3-1 and Carter threw down his gloves. Rather than do the smart thing and skate away, drawing a penalty, Hollweg threw down the gloves and took on the rookie nobody. Both got matching penalties, with Hollweg winning - yippee. Try thinking of the team first pal, that's why I hate Jagr and that's why I think your time is through. Dane Byers proved he was capable during the Kings game, its time to get him more ice time with the big boys.

*Blame as I might Jagr and Hollweg, the real culprit was the Man Who Would Be King, Henrik Lundqvist. Hank was horrible, giving up two, maybe three inexcusable goals. You have to wonder what Renney is thinking by putting him in night after night. Hank played decently but lost to the Kings, the worse team in the NHL. So he automatically gets the start against the reigning Stanley Cup champs? Expect Valley to get a well-deserved, well-needed start this weekend.

*Dubi, buddy, I love ya pal, but take a boxing lesson or something. Nick Fotiu is often around, get a lesson or two on how to take care of yourself with the gloves off. I love the fire, but watching you fight is uuuuuuuuuuugly.

*I went home and threw on Rangers in 60 while I typed this ... seriously, how does anyone listen to Micheletti? This guy is terrible!

*Petr Prucha had probably his worse game of the season. Let's hope that once he has hit bottom, things can only get better.

*I feel bad, just tearing on the Blueshirts, there were some good moments - like the late power play shift I mentioned at the top. Drury worked the crease while Gomez, Girardi and Dawes smoothly moved the puck around, shooting at will. Gomez skated like the wind for most of the game and got a few great chances but couldn't finish them. Marc Staal was fantastic. And onto the three stars:

*PHR Three Stars
3-Corey Perry - one goal.
2-Schneider - goal and an assist.
1-Jean-Sebastien Giguere - 32 saves.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Colton Orr - finally defeated another heavyweight in George "I'm Bringing Sexy Back" Parros.
2-Jiggy - he stood strong, even if most of his saves came on shots right into his chest.
1-Matt Schneider - the native son makes a successful return to the city. I told you guys we should get him ...


Brother P said...

The Rangers lose a game 4-1 yet some how it is all Jagr's fault. You are taking the I hate Jagr campaign to far. The TEAM lost 4 to 1. Jagr didn't lose to the Ducks all by himself. I see you ripped Henrik and took a little jab (no pun intended) at Dubi but half your blog is about hating Jagr and how he kills the team. He certainly isn't helping but the Rangers got a lot more problems then the guy who is wearing the C.

Brother P said...

Any news on the fight between Avery & Malik at practice?

Scotty Hockey said...

Hey Brother, Jagr is the captain, and thus gets the responsibility; comes with the territory. Your superstar scorer not only can't score (no goals and one assist in the last seven games), but he is a defensive liability. Where he didn't take any of his typical lazy penalties against the Ducks, he did turn the puck over for the back-breaking goal. As I said, the TEAM plays differently when he is on the ice, and that isn't a good thing.

And btw, damn shame there was no pun intended, because that was funny. Jab at Dubi, that's good stuff when I rip his fighting skills.

The Dark Ranger said...

For Renney to finally be making some comments on our dear Captain, one would think changes are ahead. It probably will not be this season with the deadline looming, but certainly in reorganizing the team in the off-season. Scotty, that's where my head is these days -- the rebuilding of the team. These young guys including Gomez and Drury are the future of the organization....

Drury almost made it this time. "Almost" is our word of the season, though.

The Dark Ranger said...

By the way, I'm in on the "i hate jagr" bandwagon.

Henrik is still a better goaltender than Giguere, but we have no monstrous untouchable defensive ends - so Renney expects him to BE the defensive lines. Impossible. I feel bad for him.


Pete said...

Know what...There's only one person I feel should be held responsible for this whole mess and that's Renney. Granted, he had his share of adversity to overcome this year, but, to go from bringing a rag-tag bunch of misfits to the playoffs 2 years ago, to squeaking in a playoff run last year, to allowing a 5 star team play like they have, is almost inexcusable.

Let's just get Messier behind the bench and be done with it.

The Rangers are about to make the early transition from In Glas to Top-Flight, and there's no rhyme or reason to it.