Saturday, February 23, 2008

31-24-8: Beeee-yoing!!!!!

Nothing like a Saturday night nailbiter, huh? It wasn't quite the dominating performance the last time they faced the Sabres but it will do. It was a big, big game in terms of importance after the Quebec collapse and the Blueshirts rebounded with a good effort and won (get it: rebound = Beeee-yoing). As has been the case all season long, now they need to string a few of these wins together; we will see what happens tomorrow against the Panthers. As for tonight's ramblings, I'm warning you now, there is some really random stuff here - a lot of work and a lack of sleep will do that:

*If the Rangers don't resign Sean Avery, the fans should hold a rally and boycott the team. He is just awesome. He will do anything for the team - fight, score, taunt the opposing fans. As much as everyone says Adam Graves was the consummate Ranger, Avery is as well (just without the extreme dedication to charity work). Loved him on L.A., worship him in N.Y.

*Hmm, you know, one-goal game, in Buffalo, faceoff in the Rangers end with 7.8 (not 7.7, but real close), you know who the Sabres coulda used?? Hahahahaha!!

*On an unrelated note, I got request to change the name of the Chris Simon Murder Watch, as "MurderWatch" is trademarked by some Floridian theater group. While I don't see how people could possibly mistake one for the other, I will be nice and change the name. I haven't decided on a new one yet, maybe Chris Simon Has Anger Issues So I'm Waiting For Him To Snap And Kill Someone or FACS: Fans Against Chris Simon or Chris Simon's Criminal Insanity or something like that ... post any suggestions in the comments!

*Onto someone else I hate, Marek Malik. Wow. His play really is appalling.

*There are good penalties and there are bad penalties. Marc Staal's first period roughing in defense of Paul Mara was a good one. It set a mood and sent a message. On the other hand, Mara bailed on the game. Unless he is concussed, then that was a weak move and he should be given the gate. Without him the defense was all jumbled up and I was forced to watch Malik get outhustled, outworked and outmuscled even more. Bastard!

*Jaromir Jagr finally scored. Yay. His lazy attempt at clearing the puck two minutes later gave Buffalo their goal so that's a wash. He did his part drawing defenders all game to allow Dubi to have a great game so I won't be too hard on the captain in this one.

*Joe Micheletti. Dude. Shut up. Just shut up. I got so annoyed so early I turned off the audio and listened to a live feed from a concert by one of my favourite bands - Lo Pro. Hey, if Dancin' Larry can pimp Facelift all the time on MySpace, I can give props to Lo Pro here.

*On Kotalik's goal to make it 3-2, I want to know why it wasn't boarding as Tyutin got hit from behind into the boards. Anyone, anyone?

*Pominville, population: Idiots. I think I dislike Rick Jeanneret almost as much as I do Micheletti.

*For those who also so the broadcast - how cool was it to not only see old school Hartford Whalers tape, but tape of Whalers wearing Cooperalls?!? What a treat; I am such a geek.

*Should Blair Betts be able to get himself into positive territory (he is -6), I think he should get a look when its time to pick Selke Trophy finalists. Of course, seeing as neither he nor Ryan nor Colt can actually score, that will be quite the task ...

*If you didn't see it over at TDR's blog, I nominated Hank for demotion to title of pauper and it was ratified. Unfortunately his performance tonight did little to help him regain his kingdom. He did make a great save on a Vanek breakaway, but the rest of the game he had trouble holding the puck, he gave up bad rebounds and just looked jumpy. I would hope that we will see Vally tomorrow night against Florida.

*Has anyone actually watched that MSG, NY show? Its pretty ridiculous - they go from highlights to bad music performances and concert listings. I understand what they are trying to do but a real postgame show would be better. Not to mention that that Scott Lasky guy is annoying, I can't stand him on the pedestrian Inside the Rangers, I certainly don't want to see him after a Ranger game ...

*I completed a questionnaire tonight that will be used in a feature on the New York Times Slap Shot blog. I was told that it will be up on Monday and could become a regular feature so make sure you check it out!

*PHW Three Stars
3-Rozy - two assists.
2-Derek Roy - two assists.
1-Avery - goal and an assist.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Vanek - I think that the Austrian is incredibly overrated but he was a threat all night and forced the Rangers to cover him, opening room for Kotalik to score twice.
2-Dubi - another strong performance by the kid. If he can keep this up down the line ... wow.
1-Avery - he sparked last season's incredible run to the playoffs, is he doing it again?


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