Friday, February 1, 2008

You're My Boy Blue!

Well, seeing how the rest of North America is going to be tuning into Sunday's Super Bowl, I figured I should at least tip my cap towards it and throw up a post.

As much as I loathe Eli Manning and am sure this game will be a blowout for the Pats, I will be rooting for the Giants. And here is why:

1 - Big Blue, Blueshirts ... its a New York thing.

2 - Synergy: The Rangers started the 1993-94 season (aka, the 'Now I Can Die In Peace' season) by playing in England, beating Toronto in a pair of exhibition games. The Giants played the Dolphins in London earlier this season, also returning with a win.

3 - The Round Mound of Touchdown, The Heafty Lefty, Cookie Monster, Pillsbury Throwboy ... Jared Lorenzen. If the Giants win, J.Load will get a ring. Love that guy.

4 - No one is perfect, certainly not that pretty boy Brady. Breaking a undefeated season would be sweet.

5 - And this ... one of the funniest things I have seen in months:


The Dark Ranger said...

truly funny. Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Truely that is the greatest piece of video I have ever seen, outside of T.O. breaking out in tears after the game mentioned by Hitler. I still say if the miracle occurs and somehow Eli can win MVP, his first order of business needs to be a 1 on 1 interview on The Today Show with Tiki Barber. I would love to see how Tiki will ask questions between the tears streaming down his face, the glare shining off Eli's ring, and whichever foot Tiki has shoved in his mouth at the time (it would be sweet if the other foot were then shoved up his ass). GO GIANTS and glad to see u are slightly coming around Scotty, and yes, J. Load with a ring would be phenomenal!!!