Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Must Read Musings 2

Just a warning, this has nothing to do with the Rangers:

Whether it is because I have been in the media so long or because the media has so consistently produced mountains of generic drivel, I rarely read an article that makes me sit up and think, 'wow, that was amazing.' Yes Sean Avery's insight into his own life was remarkable, but that was because of the content rather than the way it was described. Sometimes you have a great topic and sometimes you have great writing, but I have found that lately it is rare that the two come together. I often lament the lack of beautiful sports writing in modern journalism but an article that I read today has renewed my faith.

Harlan Goode of The Washington Times did a profile of Alexander Ovechkin's older brother that I found utterly marvelous. The cynical side of my brain says that the piece is so incredible because it isn't sports writing, it is the story of a person working a job. But while that is true, but I instead chose to look at it as a sports story that transcends its genre and appreciate it all the more.

Much like with the Avery piece, I won't do it a disservice by excerpting a random part of it. You just have to read it yourself.

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