Friday, June 20, 2008

My Apologies

I haven't posted much this week. I wanted to but I find it difficult and ridiculous to post about Sean Avery's taste in swimwear. The players' lives off of the rink are irrelevant (unless you are an opponent, then it becomes fodder). And the politics, well these are just getting ridiculous.

I feel obligated to address the idiotic litigation, so I will just say this: While I am far from a fan of the Dolans, having them removed as the owners of the team (while they maintain ownership of the Garden) would remove the Rangers from New York city so I can't say I am in favour. The Rangers are right in that the NHL is operating like a monopoly, whether it's within their rights or not.

Gary Napolean is continuing to drag the game down in the public eye and wants to ensure that everyone goes down with him. Is it any wonder he gets booed by fans everywhere? His powertrip has steadily driven the sport into the ground and because we, as fans, love our hockey so much we have allowed it - just so we still have a sport.

The Rangers are a big enough target that he can attack them without much retribution - he can't possibly pick on Toronto or Montreal - and the small teams are the ones that make up his primary powerbase. But one has to wonder, once he starts flexing his 'muscles' against the Dolans, how soon until other owners sit up and think, "hey, that could be me that he is going after" and depose their pet commissioner? I hope it's sooner rather than later ...

In the meantime, the draft is tonight. Well, the first round of it anyway. Splitting the draft into two days is just silly and ruins most of the appeal of it. The NHL won't get any better ratings or coverage just because the opening round is on a Friday night and it pisses the hardcore fans who would actually sit and watch hours of the draft off. Of course I will still cover it, but I won't be happy about it! Goshdiddlydarnit. Kevin over at BMR put together a fantastic guide to watching that is a must-read. So check it out and make sure to come back here this weekend for a recap of how the Rangers did.

*Fingers crossed*


The Dark Ranger said...

I especially enjoyed the "Don't Drink While Watching the Draft" in the definitive list to the draft. Thank you for that, Scotty.

Must agree with you on the Bettman issue-- I have to put my backing behind the owners and the Dolans. It's a rare moment, but Bettman's actions are reminiscent of Mayor Guiliani forcing all the porn out of Times Square all over again. And we NEVER want something like THAT to happen again...



Brother P said...

Can we please get Avery and Jagr resigned SOON!